by Charles Scamahorn - January 2007

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Web Images
At this time the quickest way to find images to use ... Live... do a word search to verify your specific interest and then click images. This will bring up a vast number of thumbnails from which you can continue your search and choose what you need. Going through the other specific galleries also listed below is slow, difficult, tedious and generally ends up with thumbnails which often can not be expanded. So it is best to do the Live search first and then expand your more specific search later.
  1. Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive ~ picture of the day archive has super space photos with some informative description.
  2. Altavista ~ images.
  3. American Memory ~ collections directory of historic photos and prints from the Library of Congress, the search box works well for more specific searches.
  4. Anthropology ~ from the Smithsonian, has lots of authentic material but it is slow to access.
  5. ~ is a commercial site for art posters from the famous artists.
  6. Art Cyclopedia ~ is a large collection of art of all ages posters for sale.
  7. Astronomical Image Library ~ is off line because it is overloaded with requests.
  8. Confluence Project ~ shows photographs taken at exact latitude and longitude locations.
  9. eNature ~ an American commercial wildlife resource with many published field guides.
  10. Ditto ~ has commercial popular prints for sale.
  11. eVision ~ does amazing searches by color, shape, texture and object but not yet functioning very well.
  12. ~ a members sign so you can visit other peoples photos of listed locations.
  13. Flickr ~ a vast collection of searchable photos from around the world.
  14. Fotolog ~ is a photo blog site so you can share your world with the world.
  15. Garst Photographic Collection ~ a hugh selection from the photographers of "Wild Kingdom".
  16. Go Graph ~ commercial popular stuff, like clip art.
  17. Library of Congress ~ has prints and photographs online of a million digital images. (PPOC)
  18. Hubble Space Telescope ~ photo collection has a beautifully presented directory and a search box.
  19. Landscape Architecture ~ image resource by location and designer.
  20. LIVE ~ gives a basic search with a short list of related searches and a giant list of thumbnail images.
  21. NASA ~ home page of space agency with lots of clickables of historical events and space findings.
  22. National Portrait Gallery [US] ~ has portraits of famous people and all of the Presidents and lots more of US interest.
  23. Pagebull 1 ~ a full page of very large thumbnails of the found sites with the search words highlighted.
  24. Smithsonian National Zoo ~ has a good labeled thumbnail click through of lots of strange and lovable animals.
  25. 360 Panoramas ~ by ATVR shows wonderful 360 degree photographs of lots of places. Check the directory.
  26. Pic Search ~ searches by name but shows only thumbnails and source size so it becomes hard to navigate.
  27. Pixsy ~ finds millions of photos and videos arranged by news, entertainment and sports. Good playback connection.
  28. Sidekiq 1 ~ is the graphic Pagebull with a side bar of special categories and subcategories.
  29. UNESCO ~ site map with lots of categories which sometimes are difficult to click through. The "Photo Bank" is poor when compared to MS "Live".
  30. Riya ~ visual search beta, is a hot effort to catalog images.
  31. Snap ~ visual search for photographs.
  32. SILS Art Image Browser ~ is from the School of Information and Library Studies - University of Michigan
  33. U.S. Fish Wildlife Service ~ digital library system's collection of public domain still photos. Site is under construction but the browse is fun.
  34. Smithsonian ~ images categories home site with a search box to a large public collection, but the search results are almost random.
  35. Webshots ~ has lots of photos which are easily accessed and big pixels but difficult to navigate.
  36. Yahoo! Gallery ~ is a beta tool for searching for applications.
  37. You Tube ~ searchs a huge quantity of videos by tags.