by Charles Scamahorn - January 2007

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Specialized Lists Of Search Engines.

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  1. Cochrane ~ Database of Systematic Reviews with news and training resources.
  2. Diseases Index ~ and disorders based in the Karolinska Institutet Sweden.
  3. Ditto ~ is good for photo searching.
  4. Doc Guide ~ is a general doctor guide site.
  5. Dr Walker ~ has unrestricted online archive of journal articles.
  6. Emory ~ University Medical Web base site with a directory and a search box.
  7. Entrez ~ is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that includes over 16 million citations from MEDLINE.
  8. First Gov ~ huge directory of USA gov services and helpful stuff.
  9. Fotosearch ~ has a search box but with only a few results compared to - Images.
  10. Go Pub Med ~ has excellent full paragraph abstracts of major articles.
  11. Hardin Medical ~ has an excellent collection of diagnostic medical photos but you need to know the medical names to find them.
  12. Health A to Z ~ gave a yellow address bar but failed to connect.
  13. Achoo Healthcare Directory ~ and metasearch is a general search engine but it gives good results on medical searches.
  14. Health Finder ~ is from US gov and has a good search box to appropriate gov sites.
  15. Healthline Engines and Directories ~ is based on long list of general diseases if you know the name of the disease you can use it.
  16. Health Links ~ from the University of Washington has a search box.
  17. HON ~ is Health On the Net Foundation a non governmental organization "you can trust". .
  18. KMLE ~ Medical Dictionary is great if you have the term first. It includes the searched word in an embed list and a pronounciation guide but no helpful pictures.
  19. I Sleuth ~ has search boxes for several authoritative medical sites.
  20. Hardin Directory ~ from the University of Iowa medical health services index.
  21. MD Linx ~ portal site for medical articles which includes a search box.
  22. Med Bio World ~ a portal into medical and bioscience resources.
  23. Medical Document Finder ~ retreaves articles and gives a paragraph of meta description. Also it gives a list of crossover keywords from each site which might help for alternate diagnosis tips.
  24. Med Int ~ at Oxford University Press for medical books.
  25. Medical Matrix ~ is a subscription based ranked, peer-reviewed, annotated, updated clinical medicine resources site.
  26. Medline Plus ~ is a portal site from the US government adapted to public usage.
  27. Med Nets ~ a huge collection of sites for medical professionals.
  28. Medical Photos ~ a collection of commercially available photos.
  29. Medstory ~ is a Microsoft medical search engine.
  30. Mesh Pub Med ~ Medical Subject Headings.
  31. MT Desk ~ for searches of Medline, Drugs-Rx List, Merck Manual.
  32. Medscape ~ complete medical site with news and search box and lots of specialty sites.
  33. National Institutes of Health ~ gateway portal to Medline and medical encyclopedias.
  34. National Center of Bio Information ~ gives access to lots of in depth abstracts from major peer reviewed sources.
  35. Nursing Web Search ~ .
  36. Omni Medical Search ~ .
  37. Public National Institutes Of Health ~ .
  38. Pub Med Central ~ .
  39. Scirus ~ .
  40. Stanford Medical ~ .
  41. Up to Date Medicine ~ .
  42. Web MD ~ .
  43. Yahoo Health Index ~ .
  44. Acinetobacter ~ the drug resistant disease attacking injured vets from Iraq and now also hospitals worldwide.