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by Charles Scamahorn - January 2007

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Specialized Lists Of Search Engines.

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  1. 7 Meta Search 2 ~ "Features the best sites on all search engines in one place." Has helpful rating windows on the sites..
  2. Alexa 3 ~ large thumbnails, traffic rank, small related searches and a directory stresses media.
  3. ASK 2 ~ gives pic and definition at the top and good narrow, expand, related helps lists point to preview sites.
  4. ChaCha 3 ~ gives 33 good clean search sites and has a human guide available.
  5. Colossus 2 ~ lists search engines by country and it will submit your site to 350 U.S. search engines.
  6. Don Busca 3 ~ clean presentation with concept clusters and some page thumbnails.
  7. Draze 3 ~ Compares results with several search engines with a handy Peek-a-Boo into the found sites.
  8. Evalts ( design ) ~ expands your search by offering search word suggestions beside every word you choose.
  9. Exalead 2 ~ has thumbnails of sites, alternate search strategies and search by date, location, file type.
  10. Findelio 3 ~ searches a few popular engines and lists their results on a hard to read grey page.
  11. Flickr 2 ~ a vast collection of searchable photos from around the world.
  12. The Free Dictionary 2 ~ shows your search term in a long embeded searched list; day-tips back to June 2005. Refdesk
  13. GOOGLE 1 ~ the acnowledged best search engine is a good blend of expert and commercial sites.
  14. Google Sets 2 ~ helps you find new items by expanding from your list of examples.
  15. Grokker 1 ~ has sophisticated breakdown of results including an outline and an expandable detailed list.
  16. Jux2 3 ~ is a meta search but it has an interesting feature comparing the search engines results.
  17. Koders 2 ~ finds examples of specified computer code in web pages.
  18. Live 1 ~ gives a basic search with a short list of related searches and a giant list of thumbnail images.
  19. Liveplasma 3 ~ searches for movies and music that is similar to your search imput and graphically seperates them.
  20. Multi-Search-Engine 2 ~ has 119 search engines which can be searched simultaneously, but you have to know there powers by name.
  21. My Web Search 3 ~ gives a good listing with a helpfull narrow, expand your search and a related names list.
  22. Oaister 2 ~ is a union card catalog of digital scholarly sources.
  23. Pagebull 1 ~ a full page of very large thumbnails of the found sites with the search words highlighted.
  24. Pandia 2 ~ Search Central helps you learn how to search the internet more effectively. Lists the best engines.
  25. Panoramas 2 ~ by ATVR shows wonderful 360 degree photographs of lots of places. Check the directory.
  26. PC Quote 2 ~ has a good live market news page.
  27. Refdesk 2 ~ Comprehensive index of Internet sites and of recommended search engine tutorial sites.
  28. Retrevo 2 ~ full searches on consumer electronics and reviews.
  29. Search Engine Watch 2 ~ is a source for search engine marketing, with tips forums, and bolgs the latest news.
  30. Search Mash 3 ~ has a hide the details one-line option. Click -More- to see 50 sites at one time.
  31. Search The Web 2 ~ vary your algorithm for popular head or long tail results. Long list of alternates.
  32. Search Engine Guide 2 ~ helps understand the problems of search engine submissions, and optimisations.
  33. Sidekiq 1 ~ is the graphic Pagebull with a side bar of special categories and subcategories.
  34. Snap 3 ~ is about half way to my old Plumb Pudding. Read Write Web.
  35. Soople 2 ~ has 20 specialised search boxes.
  36. SurfWax 2 ~ metasearch shows a one line list of urls and their sources and saves search and documents. Gives a paragraph of text of all findings.
  37. Vivisimo 2 ~ has clustered search for wider field of finds with more.
  38. Webaroo 3 ~ selects compressed pages and saves them to your computer for transfer to your mobile devices.
  39. Whonu? 2 ~ has a good list of search engines and methods hidden under icons.
  40. Wikiseek ~ searches place Wikipedia articles at top and outside links below with a disambiguation list.
  41. World Hot 100 2 ~ sites including search engines list arranged by popularity.
  42. Yahoo 2 ~ a flashy major site, directory driven blend of expert and commercial sites is presented.

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