by Charles Scamahorn - January 2007

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Specialized Lists Of Search Engines.

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Metasearch engines list These sites combine the searches of several other search sites. They bring the most common hits to the top of their list but this usually means the commercial sites get the top spots. Boolean refinements, such as (+ - and) used to eliminate the unwanted sites, may not work. For a off site overview of search engines see LLRX and Wikipedia.

  1. 1 Second ~ gives a clean list of 30 sites with tag lines made from the sites title lines.
  2. Clusty ~ gives easy to read list of 10 sites with windows for clusters, sources and sites.
  3. Dogpile ~ combines Google, yahoo, msn and ask in a clean presentation; plus it has a useful group of alternate suggestions.
  4. Expert Savenue ~ good search with 10 results and an Altavista translate button.
  5. I Boogie ~ longish results descriptions with helpful expandable cluster box.
  6. Info Grid ~ lets you limit your search to specified media.
  7. Info Net Ware ~ down for upgrade.
  8. Ixquick ~ nice page but frequently unrelated commercial sites on the first pages.
  9. Kartoo ~ has a game like interface with flashing color coded results which seeks to be helpful.
  10. Mamma ~ is a standard neta search with a clean display with news, mages and commercial percolating to the top.
  11. Meta Bear ~ is a Russia based site with a search engine cloaker.
  12. Meta Crawler ~ searches several other search engines and does a brief and simple display.
  13. ~ is fast but appears to be a single engine Google search. It has a small related column.
  14. Meta Search Langenberg ~ searches, Mamma, Seekz, Super Crawler, My Web Search, Vivisimo, Web Wombat and ixquick.
  15. My Prowler ~ notes engines results survey and the results grouped by phrase with a clean presentation but no pictures. A simple Boolean HELP primer at the bottom of the page.
  16. Query Server ~ searched 9 engines but not Google, Yahoo or Pagebull. Clean presentation with rollover highlighting.
  17. Search 66 ~ scans several engines and gives a good presentation but without direct access to images.
  18. Seekz ~ gives a good search with weighted listings from some major hearch engines.
  19. Such Spider (German) ~ gives me nothing but commercial popups, and popunders.
  20. Super Crawler ~ is a directory site with a search box to four major search engines.
  21. Vivisimo ~ has clustered search for wider field of finds.
  22. Vinden (Netherlands) ~ gives english spelled searches mostly english spelled finds.
  23. Web Scout ~ is fast but gives a short list of results but there is a subject delimiter.