by Charles Scamahorn - January 2007

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Torrents let you download movies and lots of other stuff fairly quickly. Mostly they have things that have been popular in the last few months because the system requires lots of people using it to work well. They have a search boxes to help you find stuff. It usually takes longer to download a TV show than it does to watch it but you can catch up on the shows you missed. It works quite well for currently popular things. But there are copyright infringment issues on what your are permitted to download. But, how is a private individual to know the intricacies of what is legal if even the Supreme Court is having trouble deciding that? Also be aware there are problems with computer viruses so make sure your various protections are in good shape before you start.
  1. BitTorrent ~ has Movies, Games, TV music and Anime.
  2. btjunkie ~ says its is the largest and most advanced BitTorrent search engine. Click advanced on right side to narrow search.
  3. bitoogle ~ .
  4. btbot ~ .
  5. Demonoid ~ .
  6. Google ~ type the word torrent and then the name of your request. It does a metasearch.
  7. ISO Hunt ~ .
  8. hypertorrent ~ .
  9. Mininova ~ is a huge site with todays popular lists for current quick downloads.
  10. mybittorrent ~ .
  11. newtorrents ~ .
  12. Pirate Bay ~ .
  13. Scrape Torrent ~ metasearch.
  14. Torrent Box ~ is a pretty site but it is strangly difficult to find what you search for as a search retreves a near random scattering of finds. Flashing babes.
  15. Torrent Finder ~ .
  16. Torrent Matrix ~ .
  17. torrentportal ~ .
  18. Torrent Reactor ~ is an offshore site in Tonga.
  19. torrentreactor ~ .
  20. Torrent Scan ~ is a metasearch engine.
  21. Torrent Spy ~ has a lots of good listings but it also has lots of babes on the side.
  22. Torrent Typhoon ~ does a metasearch on seven sites and finds a huge listing but gets only a few of the search requested.
  23. Torrent Valley ~ has lots of strange stuff but there is some trouble finding much using a specific title search.
  24. Torrentz ~ is a metasearch doesn't seem to catch as many sites as Torrent Spy but may get what you want.
  25. yotoshi ~ .