by Charles Scamahorn - January 2007

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Specialized Lists Of Search Engines.

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  1. ASK ~ uses clustered search and presents a clean major full function search with clickable thumbnails of the pages found.
  2. Exalead ~ has thumbnails of sites, alternate search strategies and search by date, location, file type.
  3. GIGABLAST ~ is a good search with color coded reasons for selection and linking.
  4. GOOGLE ~ front page of the universal search engine is a good blend of expert and commercial sites.
  5. PAGE BULL ~ a full page of very large thumbnails of the found sites with the search words highlighted.
  6. Snap ~ is about half way to my old Plumb Pudding. It is now rated as the #1 pick for hot stock possablities at
  7. Live ~ gives a basic search with a short list of related searches and a giant list of thumbnail images.
  8. WISE NUT ~ does a good search and has longish list of alternate categories.
  9. Yahoo ~ a flashy major site, directory driven blend of expert and commercial sites is presented.