by Charles Scamahorn - January 2007

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Specialized Lists Of Search Engines.

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Below is a long Alphabetic Listing of web search engines.
  1. #
  2. ~ is a google search from a dial up access provider.
  3. 7 Search ~ appears to be new and not yet fully implimented search engine.
  4. 7 Meta Search ~ "Features the best sites on all search engines in one place." Has helpful rating windows on the sites..
  5. A
  6. A9 ~ uses Live Search and Alexa and can search inside of books at Amazon which will track your interests.
  7. AAA Matilda Australia ~ Search, shop and save at the AAA Bargain Hunters Shopping Mall.
  8. ~ is a popular culture news portal.
  9. Alexa ~ for search, traffic rankings and a directory stresses media.
  10. Alexa ~ for search, traffic rankings and a directory stresses media.
  11. Ajaxwhois ~ finds web registered and unregistered URL domain names.
  12. All That ~ has a basic search but with RSS feeds to keep you apprised of changes.
  13. Altaseek ~ Select up to 4 Search engines from top 25 for a 4-up display.
  14. AltaVista ~ Web, Images, MP3/Audio, Video, News. Toolbar, Answers, Directory, Shopping, Travel. See Yahoo!
  15. AltaVista Babel Fish ~ the AltaVista translation service.
  16. ~ huge searchable commercial site starting with books but greatly expanded.
  17. American Stock Exchange ~ Equities, Options, ETFs, HOLDERS, Structured Products, Amex UTP.
  18. Amniota ~ is a specialized search engine dealing with health issues.
  19. Answerbag ~ uses full sentence questions but gives interesting but quirky results.
  20. Anzwers (Australia) ~ is a popular portal directory with a search box at bottom.
  21. Yahoo! ANSWERS ~ links to others who asked the same question so most of the answers are trivial asides.
  22. Asia dragons.Com ~ no response.
  23. AOL ~ is a major full function popular new site with a search bar.
  24. ASK ~ uses clustered search and presents a clean major full function search with clickable thumbnails.
  25. Ask Mobile ~ is mostly commercial for the first several screens. The Directions works better than the Maps screen.
  26. Askville ~ enters you into a secured blog community of people interested in your question.
  27. AURA! ~ is a Microsoft Advanced Resource Annotation System soliciting free user imput into their commercial product.
  28. Azoos ~ has a small search with a dazzeling yellow presentation screen.
  29. B
  30. Blabline ~ for Pod casts and Videocasts.
  31. Baidu ~ Chinese character-matching with computer translated english.
  32. BananaSlug ~ related words are inserted into a Google search which helps to find new results.
  33. Baidu ~ is a largely untranslated Chinese business site associated with Nasdaq.
  34. Beaucoup ~ is a basic search and directory with decent results.
  35. Previewseek ~ "Previewseek provides the most advanced Internet and mobile search, navigation, aggregation, categorization and advertising solutions available on the market today."
  36. Best of the Web ~ arranged by categories and subcategories with a search bar.
  37. Big Hoo ~ is a directory for entertainment.
  38. Big Charts ~ financial site is the most useful one for graphical comparison and analysis of stocks.
  39. Bixee ~ Jobs Search Engine for India; it has a directory and a search bar.
  40. Yahoo Business ~ searches for news and quotes.
  41. BizWeb ~ is a web business guide to 46290 companies listed in 208 categories.
  42. Blinkx ~ video with 25 thumbnail news stories running and 7 million hours on line.
  43. Blog Lines ~ finds blogs from a search box using the Ask search engine.
  44. Google Blog Search ~ for searching blog entries on web, images, video, news, mpas and more.
  45. Bloomberg ~ general market search with high quality web site filled with mass consumption money-babel.
  46. Boat Trader Online ~ for buyers and sellers of boats.
  47. Boing ~ is a clean site which searches the mobile web for brief reports.
  48. Google Book Search ~ has the full text of many books, which you can search by title or author.
  49. Bookmach ~ tracks search terms you create and keeps a flowing page of web updates on those terms.
  50. Box xet ~ cretes and tracks collections of things which you choose to be made into Boxed Sets. Watch the introduction video.
  51. Brainboost ~ intelligently read web pages derived from search results and extracts concise answers to your quiry.
  52. ~ Investor site with market analysis.
  53. ~ for the business search engine and business directory.
  54. C
  55. Canada ~ popular news center has a basic google search bar with good results but no research perks.
  56. Cacti ~ helps you give weighted searches derived from Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.
  57. ChaCha ~ gives 33 good clean search sites.
  58. Check Domain ~ monitors domain names, internet / Web addresses, or URLs for any country in the world.
  59. Clickey ~ Internet Marketing, Domain Names, Web Design, Search Engines, Affiliate Progs.
  60. Clip Blast! ~ finds videos posted on commercial news sites.
  61. Closer Look Search ~ specializes in custom vertical search engins for business.
  62. Clusty ~ lists related clusters, sources and sites in subwindows.
  63. CNBC ~ is major news provider with a word search.
  64. CNN Financial Network ~ has a word search for investment and business related items.
  65. Collarity ~ has a slider bar which equals a boolean not but gives a clean list with longer more understandable site clips.
  66. College Grad ~ is the "#1 entry level job site".
  67. CometQ ~ nice looking results with thumbnails the but first page is 100% commercial.
  68. COLOSSUS ~ lists search engines by country and it will submit your site to 350 U.S. search engines.
  69. Congoo ~ gets you a subscription to some 200 news content sites.
  70. Search engine reviews ~ Top search engine reviews in order of popularity.
  71. Cool Site Org ~ is a searchable tech shopping site.
  72. Copernic ~ has cleaned-up results with the sponsered links listed at the top.
  73. ~ is a lightweight web spider and search engine suitable for adding search functionality to small sites.
  74. Cybercrawler Search Engine ~ directory for business services resources with search box at bottom.
  75. D
  76. Daypop ~ Search 140000 News Sites, Weblogs and RSS feeds for Current Events and Breaking News.
  77. Daytrader ~ appears to be a glitzy site for seperating fools from their money.
  78. ~ bookmarks your network sites and links and organizes and collates them with like minded people.
  79. Deoji Search Engine ~ for stuff for sale.
  80. Decipho ~ uses your page others page ranking to sort results but needs more input at present to work well.
  81. Digg ~ lists popularity of events by day, week, month and year and blogs them.
  82. Digg Swarm ~ tags and links current blog items in a multidimentional moving matrix. Weird and wonderful.
  83. Dinoseek Search Engine ~ for stuff for sale with a Jewish-Christian twist.
  84. DisInformation ~ claims to show the dark side of the media and reveal things you're not supposed to know.
  85. Ditto ~ for photos of the world with links to original sites.
  86. DMOZ ~ is not a search engine but a huge human-edited directory.
  87. Dumbfind ~ has a good search with a nice related clusters list.
  88. Dumbfind ~ has a good search with a nice related clusters list.
  89. eTRADE ~ is a stock trading site with secure transactions.
  90. dmoz Open Directory Project ~ is for human edited categorically structured searching. Like Wikipedia
  91. Dogpile ~ metasearch has a useful group of alternate suggestions.
  92. Domain Tools ~ is a wildcard search of all current/deleted/expired whois domains.
  93. Don Busca ~ clean presentation with concept clusters and page thumbnails.
  94. Dow Jones ~ claims to publish the world's most vital business and financial news and information.
  95. Draze ~ Compares results with several search engines with a handy Peek-a-Boo into the found sites.
  96. E
  97. EDGAR-Online ~ The Trusted Source for Company Information.
  98. Edgeio ~ Get a real-time feed of classified listings that you can integrate into your website.
  99. Eluta ~ The Search Engine for New Jobs in Canada.
  100. ePILOT ~ is a search advertising network where you pay for traffic to your site.
  101. etquery ~ does a basic search and presents it in difficult to read pastels. It has a short related links list.
  102. E*Trade ~ financial site with stocks and search.
  103. Eurekster swicki ~ is a wicki based data set which is still small compared to wikipedia.
  104. EuroFerret ~ a european general base site.
  105. EuroSeek ~ is a commercial directory.
  106. Exalead ~ has thumbnails of sites, alternate search strategies and search by date, location, file type.
  107. Excite ~ is mainly news and services portal but it has a simple search with clean list. See InfoSpace.
  108. F
  109. Factbites ~ is what do you get if you cross a search engine with an encyclopedia.
  110. Fazzle ~ does Boolean search on the subject and combines them with various site qualifiers.
  111. feeds2 ~ A "personalized Web 2.0 RSS aggregator" out at the moment ... updating the system.
  112. Feedster ~ access billions of posts and indexes them to be searchable.
  113. Fidelity Investments ~ for a financial search.
  114. Filez ~ is a comercial site with access to jewish and christian singles.
  115. Finance Anaysis of Canada ~ with a search button.
  116. FinAid ~ is a financial aid and scholarship search service for students.
  117. Findelio ~ searches a few popular engines and lists their results on a hard to read grey page.
  118. Find It All ~ is an internet video search engine with thumbnails of found videos.
  119. Find It Quick ~ is for stuff rather than ideas.
  120. Find Sounds ~ searches for audio tracks sound effects and musical instrument samples.
  121. Find Spot ~ is a UK based metasearch with the usual propensity to put commercial sites at the top.
  122. Find What ~ helps you spend money and find loans so you can go into debt slavery.
  123. Flickr ~ a vast collection of searchable photos from around the world.
  124. Flickr-storm ~ is a search portal into Flickr photo site based on lots of thumbnails.
  125. The Motley Fool ~ helps you invest your money into other people's pockets. Their April 2000 suggestions would leave you without much to invest. It is unlikeley that their present advice is any better. But they look and sound great!
  126. Forbes Digital ~ is a fancy slow loading money site.
  127. Forex ~ a quick loading money site with a good economic calendar.
  128. Framesearch ~ finds stuff to bid on.
  129. Free Real ~ stocks with red-green slider bar for today.
  130. Free Website Review ~ is a directory of reviews of sites: insurance, education, finance, loans, travel, pets, franchises, real estate.
  131. Froogle-Google ~ has advanced search features. The finds are clearly listed and each has a photo.
  132. Financial Times ~ leans towards europe and asia reporting.
  133. The Free Dictionary ~ searches words by: Article, Starts with, Ends with, Text; or Google, Yellow pages, White pages, eBay, Amazon. It also has a nice today day-tips. A part of Refdesk
  134. FTP search engines ~ file transfer protocols sites on the Web
  135. Fundooweb ~ a mash up of several search engines each shown seprately
  136. G
  137. Galazy ~ finds popular stuff by city and state.
  138. GenieKnows ~ connects people, products and places using 25+ engines for overlap that brings commercial sites to the top.
  139. GIGABLAST ~ is a good search with color coded reasons for selection and linking.
  140. Girafa ~ a basic search with a few results with thumbnails.
  141. Go/ Infoseek ~ is an ABC lite news page with top TV soaps and a Yahoo search engine. Bought by Disney.
  142. Goodsearch ~ is a charity search engine for those who can't spend their money fast enough. Carnagie said "Nine tenths of charity would serve the public better had it been thrown into the sea".
  143. Gnod ~ does a scatter map of authors, and muscians with similar audience prefrences.
  144. Godefy ~ marketing and search engine products and how to make money on the internet.
  145. Google Blog News Channel ~ is a great techie news site.
  146. Google*Code Search* ~ is for programers and techies; it searches for computer code strings.
  147. Google Directory ~ is the web organized by topic into categories for searching the Google version of the Open Directory or old Yahoo.
  148. GOOGLE ~ front page of the universal search engine is a good blend of expert and commercial sites.
  149. Google Mobile ~ converts your cell phone to a search, maps, Gmail, and news source.
  150. Google Scholar ~ has boolean boxes, author, publication, date and subject delimiters. It labels sources [BOOK],[CITATION] etc..
  151. Google U.S. Government search covers all sites and documents in U.S. Government.
  152. Google Sets ~ helps you find items by your list of similar word examples.
  153. goshme ~ helps you find the internet search engine that is best for your need. Still in beta.
  154. GoTo ~ wireless phone services search.
  155. Goyams ~ is a metasearch that lets you weight your search to the most popular search engines.
  156. Grokker ~ has several sophisticated breakdowns of results including an outline, an expandable detailed list and a map view.
  157. H
  158. Hakia ~ Search for semantic meaning using a question, sentence, phrase, or keyword. QDEX Query Detection and Extraction
  159. Hong Kong Search Engine ~ based website directory with a search.
  160. Home (UK) ~ finds houses for sale in England.
  161. Hoover's Online Free ~ provides company capsules as a starting point for information on more than 14,000 of the largest public and private companies in the United States and around the world.
  162. Hosting ~ is a web site for your web page.
  163. HotBot ~ Search engine that offers custom filters, skins, and access various other engines with a list of related search terms.
  164. I
  165. iBoogie ~ compiles list from majors and has a large list of alternate search possibilities.
  166. IceRocket ~ searches blogs and gets strange results.
  167. International Herald Tribune ~ newspaper with a search window, and a historical news search.
  168. Indeed ~ job search by title, keywords or company name and by city, state or zip code.
  169. Individual ~ a free customized news service where you choose the topics and companies you want to follow they search and categorize top news sources to your email.
  170. IndoExchange ~ based in Indonesia is mostly business, stocks and related news.
  171. InfoGrid ~ is a full function portal with something for everyone but no central unifying theme.
  172. Infonetware ~ provides a natural language text-analysis, content extraction and document retrieval.
  173. Info Space Directory ~ weighted toward business and residential searches by name, type, persons, phone, location, email, category and world directory.
  174. Inktomi ~ is a Yahoo owned market search tool.
  175. ~ a stock trading site with search for stock data.
  176. inQuira ~ isn't so much a search engine as a customer-employee information refrence service.
  177. Internet Plays ~ is a chat room for stock traders.
  178. Internet Stock News ~ is directory driven but even my stock searches were not as productive as the major general purpose search engines.
  179. Internet Tutorials ~ has a nice list of search engines with comments, like this current page but much shorter.
  180. Registry Whois Search ~ registered domain names are searched.
  181. MSN Money Central ~ search Money or web or a menu.
  182. Investor Guide ~ has an interesting news and commentary; and ticker research and symbol lookup boxes.
  183. Invisible Web-Nielsen Buzz Metrics ~ tracks and measures consumer generated media.
  184. Ixquick ~ does a meta search of the top dozen search engines and gets mostly commercial sites in the first page.
  185. J
  186. Jambo ~ searches for freinds in your vicinity.
  187. Janus ~ enter your Social Security Number and you PIN and give away your money.
  188. Jayde ~ searches for business to business products.
  189. Jump City ~ for searching and linking to popular wed sites and media.
  190. J.P. Morgan ~ "A trusted provider of integrated capital markets and advisory solutions to clients worldwide" with a search bar. Trust Me with your doe!!
  191. Jux2 ~ is a meta search but it has an interesting feature comparing the search engines results.
  192. Jyve ~ creates an online dialog with people interested in your question. Takes some time for results.
  193. K
  194. Karnak ~ gives fee-based service and stores the results online, and e-mails results.
  195. KartOO ~ charts the standard results but with a size based on importance of labeled documents which have clickable thumbnails.
  196. Kayak ~ is a trip planer for hotels, cars, deals, buzz forums.
  197. Kelkoo (UK) ~ is a British shopping portal with a search engine.
  198. Key Compete ~ is for search engine marketing using keyword research to identify what keywords your competitors are useing.
  199. Keotag ~ has a colorful but difficult to use icon listing of search engines. However, there is a daily hit chart for your search.
  200. Killer Info ~ is a meta search with a long category guide where it found the hits.
  201. Kiplinger Online ~ is a "timely, trusted personal finance advice & business forcasts" site with a search box. Remember "trusted"!
  202. Koders ~ finds examples of specified code in web pages.
  203. Kosmix ~ primary aim appears to be health, and alternative medicine, Video Games, Finance, Travel, US Politics, Autos.
  204. KwMap ~ a graphical interface that .
  205. Krugle ~ searches for computer code and technical stuff.
  206. L
  207. ~ finds current FM music and refines selections to your tastes.
  208. Lexxe ~ is a natural language search which delivers 100 selections with two clips for each find.
  209. Like ~ fashion and style picture clips and where you can get the stuff.
  210. Linc On ~ News Weather Stocks Guides Travel Shopping and a google search bar.
  211. Librarians Internet Index ~ gives a basic search with a very short list of hits compared to Google.
  212. Live ~ gives a basic search with a short list of related searches and a giant list of thumbnail images.
  213. Live Deal ~ searches the local area for commercial merchandise.
  214. Liveplasma ~ searches for movies and music that is similar to your search imput and graphically seperates them.
  215. Local ~ searches for business and services by ZIP, city and state.
  216. Look Smartcommercial site for consumer living.
  217. Lurpo ~ Unitarian Universalist Blog Search Engine and forums.
  218. Lycos ~ is a flashy front page and the search gives standard results but with a good: narrow, expand and related search capability. See Ask.
  219. M
  220. Mamma ~ is a standard neta search with a clean display with news, mages and commercial percolating to the top.
  221. Market Guide ~ links to Reuters investing site with a search box for business stuff.
  222. CBS MarketWatch ~ is an investing site with lots of help for distribuiting your money.
  223. Maven Search ~ is a Jewish and Israel focused directory driven site.
  224. Medstory ~ is a Microsoft medical search engine.
  225. Mercora"Music Search and Internet Radio Network" ~
  226. MetaGer ~ is a german metacrawler.
  227. Meta Crawler ~ searches several other search engines and does a brief and simple display.
  228. Meta EUREKA ~ does a clean search and presentation of the top sites findings. Includes some curious java icon helps.
  229. Metaglossary ~ apparently defines words and phrases using web resources rather than dictionaries
  230. Meta Search Langenberg ~ searches, Mamma, Seekz, Super Crawler, My Web Search, Vivisimo, Web Wombat and ixquick.
  231. Mirage (UK) ~ finds hotel rooms in Las Vegas.
  232. MdtaGopher ~ does a good google search very fast with a clean presentation.
  233. Mnemomap ~ didn't seem to work for me; but it had moving iconic words.
  234. Mobissimo ~ searches for travel items: airfare, hotels, cars, activities.
  235. Money ~ sells programs for java tracking of market data.
  236. Money Manager (Australia) ~ is a fancy site designed to manage your money their way. It starts right off with credit cards and home loans.
  237. Monster Crawler ~ claims a wide search but doesen's seem to show much and doesn't even have pix or news.
  238. Mojeek ~ creates your own personal search engine which you may make public or keep private.
  239. Mooter ~ provides a short list of links and a short list of possible subcategories.
  240. MS. DEWEY ~ is really cute and with a better search behind it would be pleasant way to search.
  241. MSN Shopping ~ is a very clean shopping portal with a MicroSoft refined popular display.
  242. Multi-Search-Engine ~ has 119 search engines which can be searched simultaneously, but you have to know there powers by name.
  243. MySimon ~ shoppin portal with a search engine which compares countless products.
  244. Mystrands ~ is a music search for current popular styles.
  245. My Web Search ~ gives a good listing with a helpfull narrow, expand your search and a related names list.
  246. N
  247. Nasdaq ~ home site for the tech stock market with lots of stuff.
  248. Nerd World ~ for nerdy culture, life and work styles.
  249. Net Listed ~ tries to get your site listed on search engines; I think?
  250. Netquote (Australia) ~ is a stock market site aimed at Australia.
  251. Netscape home ~ is very popular; but you know you are at a loser site when the paid ads are for bad credit refinancing and find friends fast.
  252. Netscape search ~ has a good results with a stable preview drop down, but lacks alternate suggestions. It does have a site security warning.
  253. Nextag ~ is a comparison shopping directory site with a search box. Clean presentation with helpful related word searches.
  254. Northern Light ~ searches for full-text business articles from 1,400 trade journals and 22,000 business websites. New owners?
  255. Nutch ~ is open source web-search software. It builds on Lucene Java, adding web-specifics, such as a crawler, a link-graph database, parsers.
  256. Nutch Wiki ~ Public search engines using Nutch.
  257. New York Stock Exchange ~ is the stock site for the old crowd investors.
  258. New Zealand Search Engine ~ and popular stuff directory driven directory.
  259. O
  260. One Center ~ "World Most Popular Searches: Games - Warez - MP3 - Freeware - Casino - Stock"
  261. Oaister ~ is a union catalog of digital scholarly sources.
  262. One Key ~ is for parents who want an upbeat safe search using Google's Safe Search.
  263. ~ helps business to conect up with the market and government opportunities.
  264. Oodle ~ is a search engine for local classifieds of all sorts including love and blogs.
  265. dmoz Open Directory ~ is a user edited directory of the internet.
  266. Opera Mini ~ is a search engine for mobile phones.
  267. Orientation ~ is a french language search.
  268. Overture ~ is an online Yahoo company with products for market searching.
  269. P
  270. PAGEBULL ~ a full page of very large thumbnails of the found sites with the search words highlighted. Make window full screen and click 2x6 NEXT then PREVIOUS.
  271. Pandia Search Central ~ helps you learn how to search the internet more effectively.
  272. PC quote ~ has a good live market news page.
  273. Personal Wealth ~ goes to Business Week for a popular investing and a weeks worth of headline stories.
  274. Planet Search ~ is a metasearch with a country and family filter.
  275. Portal Seek ~ a directory for your web related business needs.
  276. Powells ~ full function new and used bookstore in Portland Oregon area.
  277. Powerset ~ natural language search engine which isn't up yet in Jan 2007.
  278. PreFound - Del.ici.ous ~ gives search results with the number of links from your quiry to someone else searching that idea.
  279. Premimum Quest ~ is a search engine marketer's directory that aims at commercial develoopment.
  280. Prentice Hall ~ the world's leading educational publisher of text books.
  281. Pricerunner ~ (UK) is a British price comparison site with a search box for consumer goods.
  282. Pricegrabber ~ is a portal to comparison shopping with a consumer dedicated search box.
  283. Pronet ~ searches over 200 professions to find help for your problem.
  284. Pronto ~ is a commercial popular products site with a search engine for shopping.
  285. Prudential ~ helps you with insurance and financial planning.
  286. Pluggd ~ keeps you in touch with active media, from FM, MP3, and web shows.
  287. Q
  288. Qtsearch ~ is a popular commercial site for daily living products.
  289. Live QnA ~ lets you post questions and the public responds. Mostly so far its just silly stuff.
  290. QuestFinder ~ seeks out quality sites for information, design and ease of navigation. Very limiting.
  291. Quintura ~ for Kids is powered by Yahoo! and is designed to visually stimulating to kids. But I feel confined.
  292. Quote ~ for stock market news. It has an automatic 1 minute refresh on your selected page.
  293. New ~ Stocks, Charts, Most Actives, World Markets, News, Futures, Forex, ETFs, Funds.
  294. Quotestream ~ for level II streaming stock data.
  295. R
  296. Ragingbull ~ is a collection of financial message boards.
  297. Read Write Web ~ reviews search engines and related information stuff.
  298. Rede Search ~ for the profoundly spelling challenged but it has a large guess list of possibilities.
  299. Refdesk ~ Comprehensive index of Internet sites and of recommended search engine tutorial sites.
  300. Retrevo ~ full searches on consumer electronics and reviews.
  301. Releton ~ gives a basic search with results from Google and Yahoo ranked.
  302. Riya ~ finds photos of people and things based on photographs. The WOW is you can use face their recognition of your personal photos for automatic taging.
  303. Rollyo ~ make a personalized list of search sources with a clean display of results.
  304. S
  305. Savvysearch ~ .
  306. Charles Schwab ~ is a standard money portal with a stock search box.
  307. Scirus ~ selects for serious journals first.
  308. Search engine watch ~ is a sourcce for search engine marketing, with tips forums, bolgs latest news.
  309. Search ~ is set to advanced search which has boolean boxes for a much better search results.
  310. Searchmash ~ has a hide the details one-line option, with 50 sites at one time viewable.
  311. MSN Windows Live Search ~ is Microsoft's a major entry for searching the web from your cell phone. Now Live Search.
  312. SearchTheWeb2 ~ combines popular head and long tail search on each term and makes a list of alternate search words.
  313. Search AllInOne MetaSearch ~ presents up to 200 collated sites in 3 seconds, with visited sites highlighted. Plus a 10 language translate function from Alta Vista.
  314. ~ finds people by name, phone, address public records etc..
  315. ~ limits its findings to the .edu. It is powered by google.
  316. Search Engine Watch ~ is the source for search engine marketing.
  317. Search Engine Guide ~ helps with search engine submissions, and optimisations.
  318. ~ is a U.S. government search engine.
  319. Searchking ~ seeks to build internet communities by linking people with similar special interests.
  320. Search Mash ~ is Googles recent attempt to upgrade their engine.
  321. SearchMil ~ just does a Google search with the prefix "site: mil".
  322. SEO Discussion Search ~ tool brings together an elite selection of SEO forums and blogs.
  323. Seekz ~ gives a good search with weighted listings from some major hearch engines.
  324. Seeqpod ~ finds music, ringtone and video sites from a search box.
  325. Sharelook (German) ~ portal with a directory and a google search box.
  326. Shopping ~ portal with a directory and a search box.
  327. Shopzilla ~ portal with a directory and a search box specializing in home products, clothing and personal products.
  328. Sidekick ~ "The traveler's search engine". Mostly for USA, UK and Ireland.
  329. Sidestep ~ "The traveler's search engine". Mostly for USA, UK and Ireland.
  330. Simply Hired ~ job search. Post your resume to multiple job boards at once. Free.
  331. Sina (Chinese) ~ portal with news, business, technology and photos. Has an Accoona search box.
  332. Singing FISH ~ is an audio-video search engine with lots of streaming mp3s.
  333. Singseek ~ appears to be a Singapore based general portal with a search directory with a search box.
  334. Site Sift ~ is a new human reviewed site with relatively few listings.
  335. Skweezer ~ is an Ask based search with Cool and Fun in their directory listing.
  336. Slifter ~ downloads to your mobile phone and helps search your local area for products.
  337. Smartage ~ is a travel search featuring cruise ship adventures.
  338. ~ is a major money portal for stocks and personal finance.
  339. Snap ~ is about half way to my old Plumb Pudding. #1 at New life?
  340. Sohu (Chinese) ~ is a news portal with an Accoona search engine.
  341. Solomon ~ is Microsoft Dynamics confrence at San Diego March 11-14 2007, with a search box.
  342. Soople ~ has 20 search boxes with limiting qualities to sharpen your search words.
  343. Speegle ~ searches for popular entertainment.
  344. Sphere ~ The best bits of the blogosphere. Find them here.
  345. Sphider ~ is a compact programing tool that helps to correct web page errors.
  346. ~ is a free on-line bookmarking service and search engine that re-access' found sites.
  347. SpyFu ~ is a basic search that organizes its results into related terms columns.
  348. SQUIDOO ~ is a wiki like handbuilt catalog of online stuff; but needs more input.
  349. Srchr ~ is a meta search with a graphical interface but it requires a high resolution screen for best use.
  350. StartingPoint ~ is a New York, Nigara Falls business help site directory with a search box.
  351. Stockhouse ~ is a full function stocktrading portal site with stock and bulletin board search boxes.
  352. StockMaster ~ does something with stock information; reroutes to
  353. StockSelector ~ is a stock investment portal with a ticker search.
  354. Streetadvisor ~ is a simple portal with a modest search at present.
  355. Stumble Upon ~ is a collaborative surfing tool for browsing, reviewing and sharing. Surfs the internet with others to discover great websites, videos and pictures. Requires a 171k download program.
  356. SurfWax ~ metasearch shows a one line list of urls and their sources and saves search and documents.
  357. Super Crawler ~ is a directory site with a search box to four major search engines.
  358. Swoogle ~ does a semantic web search for schollars.
  359. Swicki, Eurekster ~ is a search-wicki which grows in sophistication as users input experience into it.
  360. T
  361. Tagjag ~ at present only seems to be getting the google ads.
  362. Technorati ~ is a blog tracker of who's saying what, right now. It has a interest nice tracking chart.
  363. TEK ~ means "Time Equals Knowledge" searches the web using only eMail resources.
  364. Textrunner ~ makes a list of catagorized sentences on subject.
  365. The Find ~ is a shopping site with a photo interface that is quick and helpful.
  366. ~ is a stock investment and money managment site with lots of famous commentors.
  367. Thunderstone ~ is a meta which search gives an easily viewed clean presentation.
  368. Teoma ~ is now owned by Ask.
  369. Thomas Net ~ is a directory with a search box for finding business and manufacturing materials.
  370. Top Ten Links ~ is a directory with a search box which will not give good results even when quiry is within quote marks.
  371. ToseekA ~ is a popular Yahoo subsite with commercial sites at top and Q & A blog on your subject at the bottom.
  372. Trexy ~ is cute and quirky and confusing to me. It seems to track ones intersts and is sticky about what it finds.
  373. Trulia ~ is real estate with sales heat maps and prices.
  374. Turbo10 ~ is a do yourself metasearch site which claims 804 engines. Is tight with Trexy. Seems hot but still very Beta.
  375. turboscout ~
  376. U
  377. UBS ~ claims to be a wealth management company that puts your money in global investmens banks.
  378. Ujiko ~ has a quirky interface that learns what you do and refines your searches so it gets better results as you use it.
  379. URL.COM ~ is a fast metasearch with a clean presentation and a compact relevancy rating system.
  380. You Tube ~ searchs huge quantity of videos by tags.
  381. usabilityviews ~
  382. US Search ~ finds private information about people.
  383. V
  384. Vanguard Group Homepage ~ is a client-owned investment management company.
  385. Veoh ~ Has some full length feature films.
  386. Virtual Learning Resources Center ~ has an academic flavor and uses a Dewey decimil based directory to limit results.
  387. Vivisimo ~ has clustered search for wider field of finds.
  388. vmgo ~
  389. Voila (French) ~ consumer portal with a search box.
  390. W
  391. Walhello ~ metasearch seems to prefer popoular Hollywood like finds.
  392. ~ appears to be a give you money to us and we will take care of it portal.
  393. Waterhouse Securities Inc. ~ appears to be an Ameritrade log on portal site.
  394. Web 20 Search Engine ~
  395. Webaroo ~ selects compressed pages and saves them to your computer for transfer to your mobile devices.
  396. Web Crawler ~ downloads a toolbar to give you the usual web sites from a toolbar. See Excite.
  397. WEBBRAIN ~ solicits user imput, like a wiki, but seems to have a smaller data base.
  398. Webwombat ~ is an Australian portal with a search engine with a search within the country box.
  399. Wells Fargo ~ is a secure site with a search box for banking needs.
  400. Whoizzy ~ is "Your Business Services Resource".
  401. Whonu? ~ does a good search and has a similar-to on each find and adaptive searches.
  402. WIKIO ~ "Live information from 14315 media and blogs" makes this search very current and bloggy.
  403. WIKI SEEK ~ searches Wikipedia and gives a clean presentation and a disambiguation list at the top.
  404. Wink ~ gives a clean list that has been ratted by others and lets you rate the result also. Mostly popular stuff.
  405. Winzy ~ gives good clean results with a narrow your search, expand your search, and related names.
  406. WISEnut ~ does a good search and has longish list of alternate categories.
  407. Yahoo! ~ a major portal with a search box giving good clean results but no alternate suggestons.
  408. Yedda ~ is a people powered search engine in which your query is posted for public comment.
  409. Wickipedia ~ is a vast and growing body user created knowledge.
  410. Wondir ~ "Ask here. Make it as clear as you can." Go to Question Board, Change Category to see whats been discussed.
  411. World HOT ~ main directory is a list of web site names without comment. But, with a great DIRECTORY.
  412. World HOT 100 ~ search engines list arranged by site names and with a great DIRECTORY.
  413. Financial Web Sites from World Hot ~
  414. The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition ~ is an online business newspaper.
  415. Y
  416. Yahoo ~ a flashy major site, directory driven blend of expert and commercial sites is presented.
  417. Yahoo Answers ~ a popular major site, with blog like answers to your queries.
  418. Yahoo! SEARCH ~ brings up search bar and top 6 news stories as text.
  419. Yahoo! MINDSET ~ lets you set a bar to eliminate commercial. In google you just go to the academic page.
  420. Yam (Taiwan) ~ Searches in ????? marks!!!! with lots of flashes turned on. This might win the wackiest web site award.
  421. Yehey (Philippines) ~ is a portal with a search box filtered from Google with a current Philippine news slant.
  422. Yellow Pages UK ~ is a general commercial portal with a search box for products
  423. ~ Dedicated to China-based Internet searches. A Yahoo! product.
  424. Yooci ~ is a nongoogle metasearch with a long quote and a weighted list of sources and similar word trail helps.
  425. Yoono ~ is an organizer of people with similar interests. It helps you discover, share and communicate your findings.
  426. Yoto Photo ~ is a metasearch which finds public domain images from Wikipedia, Flickr, freefoto, Stock and others.
  427. Yufind ~ gives a standard list of findings with a tags list for each found site.
  428. Z
  429. ZABA SEARCH ~ "Free People Search and Public Information Search Engine" links the pay site.Intelius
  430. Zacks Investment ~ Research, Inc is a money portal, with a profit track and a broker ratings upgrades listings.
  431. ZapMeta ~ is a metasearch with a clean screen with stable quick view windows.
  432. ZEBO ~ is a buzz list of who ownes what popular stuff and what they like about it.
  433. ZenSearch ~ is a basic portal with a Google search box.
  434. Zillow ~ real estate search.
  435. Zippy ~ is a powerful tool for comparing a web site with others for their links, backlinks and indexes on the major search engines.
  436. Zoom Info ~ is for discovering people, companies, and relationships.
  437. ZUULA ~ advanced search just like Google's.

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