by Charles Scamahorn - January 2007

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Specialized Lists Of Search Engines.

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  1. Wikipedia ~ News overview. What is news?
  2. Yahoo ~ News directory has 50 catagories by subject and media type.
  3. Yahoo Search ~ Directory requires sign up and pay at almost every clickthrough.
  4. Google Directory -- News Readers ~ has aggregators, Rss feeds display helps and desktop tools.
  5. DMOZ ~ has a listing that is exactly as I have been trying to do with this one.
  6. DMOZ ~ has a long list with a short description of each site.
  7. LexisNexis ~ searchable directory of online sources.
  8. HEBIG ~ web based news readers.
  9. A9 ~ has 250 news sites with short comments.
  10. AltaVista News Search ~ gives control of news search by date, region and field.
  11. News Index ~ "The original news only search engine."
  12. Total News ~ is down for upgrade.
  13. Fox News ~ for current online news.
  14. MSNBC News ~ current news page has lots of good window shades.
  15. ABC News ~ has all the current stories but the page is hard to scan.
  16. USA TODAY News ~ has relatively little news and adds for bad debts.
  17. NPR News ~ has one story for each subject and no science or tech section. It's all liberal arts, attitude and no verification.
  18. CNN News ~ portal page to current news.
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