by Charles Scamahorn - March 2007

Evalts search engine (pronounced like "he vaults") evolves alternatives. It's like a living system that reproduces the qualities that best fit your search environment.

The basic idea behind Evalts is to refine searches by using your recognition memory instead of your recal memory. The Evalts system makes it possible for you to find things that you are only moderately familiar with because your recognition memory far exceeds your recall memory. Evalts presents you with lists of words which are commonly associated with your search terms. Each new term you key into the text entry box or select from a previous list will generate a fresh set of associated words. Those can be combined with your previous search terms to stimulate your memory. Those evolved terms can then be submitted to a search engine such as Google with a single click. After you find a good web site, you may restart Evalts and use the newly discovered terms to further refine your search.

To follow the demo click the flashing items and observe the results.
Probaway - Evalts - evolves alternatives, to your search word suggestions.
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Sherlock   Holmes. Conan Doyle. Collection. Software. Hotel. Staff. Movies. Young. More
Sherlock.   SureLock. Shore Lock. Shear luck. Seal Lock. Shurluck. Sureluck. Shylock. Soreluck. More
Holmes   Sherlock. American. John. buy. British. products. Katie. movies. More
Holmes.   Holmer. Holmen. Holmia. Holmos. Halmos. Helmet. Holems. Hulse. More
Movies   Young SH. Dressed to Kill. Murder by Decree. SH Smarter Brother. Baskervilles. Sign of Four. Adventures of SH. Memoirs of SH. More
Movies 2   Return SH. SH 22nd Century. Casebook SH. SH Washington. Private Life SH. Scarlet Claw. SH Saucy Jack Woman in Green. More
Woman in Green   Basil Rathbone. Nigel Bruce. Hillary Brooke. DVD. VHS. Amazon. 1945. Review. More
Hillary Brooke   Sherlock Holmes. Abbot Costello. Hitchcock. Man Who Knew Too Much. Maze. My Little Margie. Hollywood. Astoria. More
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.GO. SEARCH. Google. Yahoo. LIVE images. Pagebull. Wikiseek... eBay. IMDB. ASK. A9. More . . .

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