This page shows you how to DOWNLOAD the whole Infant Sign Language folder onto your computer.

Infant Sign Language

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How To Get A Complete Infant Sign Language Program

You can read and watch each file on-line on the WEB. This is cheap and easy but it requires that you be on-line to the web site to access the content and that is slow sometimes, especially for the movies. A better way is to DOWNLOAD this entire folder. Then you can view it at anytime you choose and it will run smoother and you can watch the BIG movies without any delays.
    You may do any of the following procedures.

  1. Download this site one file at a time and do your own HTML document. This requires a bit of minimal html programing and it is slow and tedious and unnecessary but it is cheap and you can have it all on your computer in an hour or two. Here is how: > Right-click on an open area of your screen's desktop > NEW > FOLDER > name it - Infant Sign > --- > while online click on the very top of the Infant Sign Language window > Go to VIEW > SOURCE > Control-A > Control-C > --- > Open NOTEPAD > Control-V > --- SAVE the new htm file into your new Infant folder as - Sign.htm --- Back on the Infant Sign Language window, while on-line, one at a time, right click the background and each picture and each movie and SAVE-AS each one of them into the Infant Sign folder you just created. Click Sign.htm occasionally to view your web page.
  2. Go to a FREE file transfer vendor such as and search MOVIES for Infant or Sign or Language. This source may not have anyone on-line at the moment who has the file posted. But if they do it is quick and easy to download the entire program into a folder.
  3. Do a file transfer protocol FTP of the folder. This requires a FTP transfer program.
  4. Get the program from me at on disk. It has bigger sized movies and it includes more full screen infant training movies. This is the best program but it requires some money and a snail mail wait.
  5. Go to and order it. This is quick and easy mail movie service and gives you the CD, but it requires membership which costs some money. It is a wonderful movie service which you should get anyway if you watch more than three movies per month.