<> Infant Sign Language Comma Delimited Signing Positions

Infant Sign Language Comma Delimited Signing Positions

Comma Delimiting ^T = command for tab

Comma delimiting is similar to tab-bar delimiting and it is usually used for creating vertical columns of data. A comma delimited file usually looks like a string of numbers or words with comma characters inserted frequently. When information is in a comma delimited format it can be linked to other programs in generalized ways for extracting data in differing ways depending upon the need. In this usage it will be used for stating with precision the placement of the arms, hands, and fingers in a numerical fashion. There are several reasons for doing this: 1. the sign positions can be stated with a few numbers. 2. the sign position can be defined exactly and stated briefly. 3. the second, third and more positions can be stated exactly and briefly. 4. a sequence can be made of these exact positions which when viewed in normal motion time will form movies of the signs. 5. inbetween images (tweens) can be created automatically for a smooth animation of the sign. 6. precise smooth moving conversations can be had between speakers of different spoken languages over the internet using only transmitted digits of the signs which are reconstituted into visual signs at the recieving end.

An Example Using Ma

The first sign word in ISL page is Ma. It will be used here to help define and understand comma delimited signing. . The center of the signing area is the "Jugular notch". Medcyclopaedia
- ma

Meaning - A female parent of a child and usually the primary care giver.

Sign - Point the open hand, index finger to the ear lobe with the elbow low, pause briefly and then stroke halfway down the side of the jaw and pause a moment.

Comma Delimited Positions - 4,5,6,7,8,9,0

Hint - Female signs like MA and SHE start beside the ear lobe. The open hand is friendly and in association with the face is a family sign and the palm facing the center indicates that it is a person sign. A deliberate movement with a pause indicates that it is a sign. Later you may need to know the signs for other FAMILY members.

Help - These first words should be spoken and signed two times and then a pause for recognition and perhaps do it again. Thus MA becomes MA-MA with a pause and then MA-MA again. Later it will be shortened to just plain MA.

Defineing the positions.

Right Arm.

Upper Arm

Fore Arm



First Finger

Second Finger

Third Finger

Forth Finger

Left Arm

Left Upper Arm

Left Fore Arm

Left Wrist

Left Thumb

Left First Finger

Left Second Finger

Left Third Finger

Left Forth Finger