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The Probaway - Growling Diet

by Charles Scamahorn - July 2007

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The Growling Diet

This diet is intended as a short term diet to be associated with the other Probaway Ten Day diet procedures. It is intended to make you more aware of your bodies demands for food and your psychological and habitual demands for gratifications. It is intended, not to form new eating habits, but to make you more aware of your old eating habits which should be replaced. You can never totally eliminate old habits but you can over-ride and replace those existing habits with better ones. This Ten Day Diet, based on hunger, is not a good diet to start with but rather it is good one to use for a month after several months of other Ten Day Diets. It is necessary to have gotten into the habit of eating healthier foods first. Now you simply want to eat less of them so you can lose a little more excess weight. This diet is best for after you have lost weight but have stopped losing it before you have reached your best weight or at least a weight you are willing to live with.

The first several months of practicing your choice of the Ten Day Diet plans you should have avoided being hungry because being hungry is unpleasant and will discourage you from continuing with a diet. Rather for these first few months should be spent finding foods that you like to eat, that you can eat on a routine basis, and which are really good for you. It is no secret what you should eat! As a general rule eat should be colorful, unprocessed ruffage and not smooth colorless and pre-digested by a machine.

When you are in the habit of eating really good food then it is time to cut back to your ideal size proportions and that requires being conscious of the quantity of food. This requires you to be aware of two basic things. When you start eating and when you stop eating. On the first point you shouldn't start eating until your body needs more food and on the second point you should stop eating when you have had just enough. Any more than just enough is far and away too much. The Probaway - Three Second Diet discusses the various techniques for stoppin eating and this Growling diet helps you to think about when you should start eating.

Any more than just enough is far and away too much.

STOP Eating When You Have Eaten The Right Amount!! Only you know when the right amount of food for your body has been eaten and only you can decide when to stop eating. This isn't a guilt sermon, it is just a simple fact. "What feels best now is always what we do. So feel ahead and limit future rue."

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