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The Probaway Ten Day Diet

by Charles Scamahorn - March 2007

Do Any Diet You Choose !

The basic idea of this diet is to help you find a diet that works for you. It's your choice! You choose any diet what so ever and do it for the first ten days of the month. This is followed by ten days of easing off of the diet and then the rest of the month coasting and doing the diet in a relaxed way. The following month you choose a different diet, any diet, and so on for several months until you find something you like and can live with comfortably. While on the Ten Day Diet you always are doing something which you chose and which you find to be new and interesting. This plan is offering you lots of alternate possibilites rather then telling you what you should be doing.

Find Diets in the List Below [Gone as requested] That Are Interesting to You !

Hopefully, there will be some carryover of the good habits learned from one month on to the later ones and these cumulative benefits are synergistic, meaning they each support one another. This diet plan is better than any single plan because it's easier to maintain interest and enthusiasm. The problem with following any single diet is that people get bored and stressed when doing the same old thing for months on end and eventually they end up quitting. The Probaway Ten Day Diet plan makes it easier because most people can follow any diet pretty well for ten days. If choosing a new diet each month sounds like a chore, the huge directory chart [removed] below make it easy to find and explore lots of different new plans. Also, the Probaway Ten Day Diet plan lets you get back into feeling normal by having a period of time, most of the month infact, for relaxation without any stressful dietary control. However, by developing a habit of starting a new diet on the first of the month, there is an automatic reminder to restart a diet for the rest of your life. The Probaway Ten Day plan is as easy, interesting and fun as any diet can be.

Keep Doing What Works For You !

There are a large number of diets and vociferous proponents of them all. Some may work quite well for certain people and those people become very positive about the benefits. But that same diet may not work for you and may even be counterproductive. At present it is impossible to know for sure what works best for any given person, for you. However, with this Ten Day Probaway Diet if any one of these diets will work for you, you will soon find it and be able to apply that method routinely to your personal constitution and situation.

You Never Have To Be Hungry !

Most people think you have to be hungry to be on a diet and that's no fun but being hungry isn't necessary to lose weight.
It is at the end of a meal, when you are no longer hungry and even stuffed, that you overeat and take on excess calories and gain weight or alternatively stop eating and lose weight. Therefore, when nearing the end of a meal don't accept a traditional big sugary dessert and a calorie laden beverage but rather have a cup of tea and go for a walk. Do anything you like, at that time, except eat. When to stop eating is the most important decision of the meal and it should be planned for, in your mind and habitualized, even before you start to eat. It could be called the "Three Second Diet" named for those three seconds in a day when you decide to stop eating. However, when you start eating again is important too and you might consider trying the "Growling Diet" which basically means that you don't even start eating until your stomach growls at you.

Here are some other weight loss tips:

Pay Close Attention To What You Are Eating !

When you are eating pay close attention to the food you are eating. Turn off the TV, and avoid distractions, don't even talk much, or drive, or do anything other than eating. When you eat, JUST EAT ! If you are paying attention to your eating it is under your conscious control and therefore easier to stop at the right time.

Keep Moving Your Big Muscles !

Another obvious habit to develop is to keep moving physically as much as possible. Your most sedentary activity is probably watching TV. But even when watching TV, you can get in the habit of getting up during commercials and taking a little walk. A typical American watches an appalling 6 hours and 47 minutes of TV per day! If you walk through the commercials (20% of the TV time equals 1.3 hours) at 3 miles per hour walking speed you would walk about 4 miles. That is good mild healthy exercise for free and you don't have to watch a lot of stuff that you probably claim you don't want to watch. The easiest diet in the world is to put down food and go for a walk. So, make your lounging chairs easy to get out of and do household chores during commercials.

It's OK to drink pop, eat candy and cakes if you immediatly walk a mile for every serving.

Another obvious but easily ignored fact is that some calories go down into and onto your tummy much more easily. Highly sugared beverages are particularly easy ways of gaining a tremendous number of calories without even noticing that you are doing it. Drink hot tea or even hot water instead of pop or booze. Eat hard-to-chew foods especially if they are noisy ones to eat; if you are compelled by anxiety to eat, choose things to snack on that are noisy. The noise itself gives you some satisfaction from eating and chewing something like celery or carrots is fatiguing and you take on few if any calories. It is OK to drink pop, eat candy and cakes ONLY when you know you are going to be physically active for the next two hours! If you don't burn up the sugar energy as you digest it the sugar will immediately turn into flab. But physically active means walking at least a mile for every sugary item consumed.

Use Your Intelligence To Take Care of Your Body !

Maintain a light-hearted approach to your new diet and exercise activity, without expecting too much. Many people get fanatical about a particular diet and argue endlessly about the various details but this is one area where "The proof is in the pudding, and your tummy is the pudding." It really doesn't matter how much you know but how effectively you apply your knowledge and how effective you are at attaining your body's best possible health. The primary function of your brain is not to gather facts and argue them eloquently, it is to take care of your body. So, the longer you can maintain interest in a proper diet and apply it to your body the better off your body will be. Just doing each of your new diets for ten days as an interesting and fun game will help you not get overstressed and burned out.

Write Down What You Do !

At the beginning of every month (1) weigh yourself and write the weight down on your calendar. (2) Note the name of the diet you did the previous month and (3) how easy and how sustainable that particular diet was. Would it be acceptable to you for a permanent life style change?

My Personal Experience .

For me personally, just avoiding sugar and high glycemic index items in all of their forms took off some unnecessary weight. The problem here in America is that sugar is hiding everywhere and the food industry does many sneaky things to misinform their public about sugar in their products. Some of the latest are comic for the wary and tragic for the unwary. For example, some labels say cute things like "evaporated cane juice" and "all natural corn products" but these are just excuses for sugar by another name. Oh, and by the way, the real food in a supermarket is far away from the entrance. It's at the back and around the sides so you are forced to walk through mountains of sugared high markup manufactured products to get to it. Be careful and good luck finding your way.

How Much Should You Weigh ?

To estimate what your body type is and how much you need to adjust your weight go to Probaway FATS, a scale for measuring your body mass index (BMI) more accurately. Another, and perhaps better way, to estimate your proper weight is to remember the weight at which you felt best about age twenty to thirty.

Diet sources and sites on the web

The was a huge set of sites that were listed here with links and comments, but they have been removed as they were in competition with other newer and better search strategies.

A Huge List of Diets For Your Consideration !

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