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Probaway-Wind is group of methods for converting huge quantities of wind power into available power very cheaply.

A map of Earth showing winds over the ocean.

The actual device for converting wind to power, which is discussed below, is a group of simple mechanical components with some computer monitoring and control. The solution to the problem of how to get the energy out of the wind and available to a user is presented here.

 The method for extracting wind energy is presently being presented to venture capitalists for development. It has great potential but will require vast monetary resources to get started. Stay in touch. 

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Power Comparison Chart

Microwatt (10**-6; watt)

1 W - approximate consumption of a quartz wristwatch

Milliwatt (10**-3 watt)

5 mW - laser in a CD-ROM drive


20-40 W - approximate power consumption of the human brain
100 W - approximate average power used by the human body
60-100 W - the power of the typical household light bulb
120 W - power output of 1 square meter solar panel in full sunlight
290 W - approximately 1000 BTU/hour
300-400 W typical PC power supply
500 W - power output of a person working hard physically
745.7 W - 1 horsepower
750 W - the amount of sunshine falling on a square meter of the Earth's surface on a clear day

Kilowatt (10**3 watt)

.5 kW - per square meter average at 50 meters above North Dakota
1.366 kW - power received from the Sun at the Earth's orbit by one square meter
2.2 kW - per capita average power use of the world in 2001
3.3-6.6 kW - average photosynthetic power output per square kilometer of ocean [2]
11.4 kW - per capita average power use in the U.S. in 2001
16-32 kW - average photosynthetic power output per square kilometer of land [3]
40 kW to 200 kW - approximate range of power output of typical automobiles

Megawatt (10**6 watt)

1 MW equals approximately 1341 horsepower.
1.3 MW - power output of P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft
2.5 MW - Peak power output of a Blue Whale
3 MW - Mechanical power output of a diesel locomotive
190 MW - peak power output of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier

Gigawatt (10**9 watt)

.5 GW - average power 1 kilometer square kite over North Dakota 340X545 km =183,272km
2.074 GW - peak power generation of Hoover Dam
3 GW - approximate peak power generation of the world's largest nuclear reactor
18.2 GW - electrical power generation of the Three Gorges Dam in China when complete
424.3 GW - average electrical power consumption of the U.S. in 2001.
424.3 GW / .3G people = 46 watts per American

Terawatt (10**12 watt)

0.519 TW - India consumption of elecricity - per capita = .481 k Wh/year
2.170 TW - China consumption of electricity - per capita = 1.662 k Wh/year
3.656 TW - US consumption of electicity - per capita - 12.187 k Wh/year
14.3 TW - world consumption of electricity in k Wh/year 2003 per capita 2,215
1.7 TW - average electrical power consumption of the world in 2001
3.327 TW - average total (gas, electricity, etc) power consumption of the U.S. in 2001.
3.327 TW total power / 6.5 G total people = 5.1 watts per human.
13.5 TW - average total power consumption of the world in 2001
44 TW - average total heat flux from earth's interior
130 TW - global primary production via photosynthesis
50 to 200 TW - Weather: rate of heat energy release by a hurricane

Petawatt (10**15 watt)

1.4 PW - estimated heat flux transported by the Gulf Stream.
4 PW - estimated total heat flux transported by Earth's atmosphere and oceans away from the equator towards the poles.
174.0 PW - total power received by the Earth from the Sun

Energy Maps

Energy Cosumption


US Wind Energy Potential



This winds at sea map created by NASA on September 21, 1996 shows the very large areas where wind is blowing at 4-10 meters per second [the magenta color areas]. This wind speed is very good for creating power but not so strong as to be destructive to well made kites. Any of these areas could supply vast quantities of energy it is just a question of building the equipment to do so.

United States Winds

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