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Teabag Handle

Teabags typically have a string stapled to them with a tag stapled to the other end of the string. The purpose of this tagged string is to permit the tea drinker to remove the teabag from the hot water after the tea leaves have brewed for a few minutes. The string and tag are added because the water is too hot to reach in and grip the wet teabag with one's fingers without hurting them. The problem with the string system is that there is a complicated assembly of two staples, a string and a printed tag which needs to be attached.

Some tea brands simply abandon the string and put the tea in a small square bag, leaving it up to the users to retrieve the bag as best they can. Some people use a spoon to recover the teabag and others grab the exposed portion of the tea bag and endure the moment of pain from the hot bag. Sometimes the teabag floats with one of the corners pointing vertically from the hot water which permits the user to recover the teabag by grabbing the exposed point and avoid the pain.

What is proposed here is to manufacture the teabags in a form which causes the bags to naturally float with what functions as a handle pointing up and thus out of the water. One embodiment of this concept is to manufacture the teabags in a triangular form. The tea leaves are slightly denser than water so they settle to the bottom of the triangle while the air rises to the top, giving the bag a natural orientation with the point pointing up where it can easily be grasped and removed from the hot brewed tea water.

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