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  1. All Words, looks up whole or partial words in five European languages with audio pronunciations.
  2. Your Dictionary, quick and simple English dictionary plus specialty links.
  3., a thorough definition starting with roots, history and usage. Then a list of other dictionaries' definitions. Your word tagged to links to Google, Webster and others.
  4. Looksmart, reference desk.
  5. Myjaring, lists 150 dictionaries.
  6. Reference, .
  7. Biographical, dictionary.
  8. Onelook, checks 632 online dictionaries. If it's not here it's not an English word and maybe not a word in any major language.
  9. Wordsmyth, .
  10. Webster's , thesaurus.
  11. , .
  12. , .
  13. , .
  14. , .

World Wide Web Resource Sites For Language Related Materials

  1. NewsTran
  2. Foreign Radio List
  3. Travel Language
  4. Google Search
  5. Geocities
  6. Language Guides
  7. Tralang Vocabulary
  8. NWLS
  9. Dictionaries
  10. Say Hello
  11. Language List
  12. Your Dictionary
  13. Ethnologue
Taxi Talks is a language learning aid designed to be distributed on the internet. You can find some of these lessons using any of the Napster like distribution systems listed below. You can download one or more of these programs from the links below and then install them on your computer. The quality of these audio transfer programs is constantly improving at present and there are legal considerations for downloading copywrited materials. The original Taxi Talks are not copywrited and you are encouraged to get them and to share them with everyone.

At the time of creation of this program the WinMx was the best of the home user centered audio downloading programs. Alternate and knockoff derivative materials can be found at these sites. However, to get the most complete and the most recent Taxi Talks materials, go directly to Taxi Talks home page.

Audio Sharing Download Programs

  1. WinMX
  2. Napster
  3. Gnutella

Radios On The Internet

    There are thousands of radio stations on the internet. It may take some searching to find the language you want, so once you find one be sure to copy the complete web address and time of broadcast.

  1. Internet Radio, has a lot of lists within the lists.
  2. Radio Locator, lists radios by city, state and country.
  3. Artist Direct, lists by location, genre, internet, networks.
  4. HomeBrew, for amateur radio enthusiasts..
  5. Mike's Radio World, live radio on the web with lists of pre-sorted stations.
  6. Classical Music Stations, .
  7. , .
  8. , .

Liability disclaimer statement: These Probaways contain new and unique information that has been created, tested and retested by me alone. You must approach these findings and materials very carefully as your results may differ greatly from my experience and I can offer no recompensation of any kind for any injuries.

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