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How to Identify Hoaxes and Crimes Perpetrated by Conan Doyle.

by Charles Scamahorn © 2005

 This page is massive and contentious and it hasn't been uploaded to the web just yet. 

 However, listed below are some items for which proofs may have been found. 

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, the world's greatest fictional detective, perpetrated hoaxes and crimes as a method for revivifying his eternal spirit and for resurrecting it and his fame on into the distant future. It is a technique he used during his lifetime to create and control world events but also through these techniques to manipulate future events and so to be remembered, resurrected and republished on into the remote future. He loaded each of his crimes with all, or nearly all, of the following clues so that when a suspect object is found these clues may be used to test his involvement with the creation and manipulation of the ensuing events. Almost any item may have one or two of the clues but the effective proof of numerous clues is not just additive, it is exponential. And as all the hoaxes follow the same patterns using the same types of clues presented here, Conan Doyle's own proofs of involvement becomes exponential to the extreme. Therefore, Conan Doyle clearly wanted to take credit for these creations! Obviously , he did not want to be caught during his lifetime! If he was caught he would be severely punished and probably executed. It is astonishing that he left clues at all let alone in such abundance—as is revealed in this soon to be posted web-site. Furthermore, as we explore these hoaxes we will, without doubt, find even more pointers and even more crimes than I, as an individual working alone, part time and with many distractions have been able to discover and reveal.

Overstated a bit but it may be argued that Conan Doyle:

  1. Created the round fuzed bomb as the icon for terrorism.
  2. Created the workers holiday May 1, Mayday.
  3. Created the "Mayday" distress call
  4. Created the world's most famous literary character.
  5. Created the world's most famous serial murder.
  6. Created the world's most famous dual personality.
  7. Created the character which has been made into the most movies.
  8. Created the story line with the most Oscars in the last ten years.
  9. Created the most famous hoax.
  10. Created the foundation document for the British Empire.
  11. Created the document for the first land crossing of America.
  12. Created the oldest document for europeans in America.
  13. Created the oldest map for europeans in America.
  14. Created the design for the most used currency ever made.
  15. Created the most famous archeological man but not yet revealed as a hoax.
  16. Created the Spritualist religion, as more than a past time cult.
  17. Destroyed the Declaration of Independence.
  18. Stole the Irish Crown Jewels.
  19. Stole the Stone of Scone.
  20. Created the Prince of literary mastermind criminals.
  21. Created the primere movie mastermind criminal of 20s& 30s&.
  22. Murdered several potential heirs to the throne of England.
  23. Sparked the most deadly war in history with an assissination.
  24. Improved maritime laws for life boats and life jackets.
  25. Prepared England's commerce for submarine warfare.
  26. Framed europe's most famous traitor.
  27. Framed europe's most murdered minority.
  28. Sunk the most famous ship of all time.
  29. Introduced skiing to Switzerland.
  30. Helped orgainze the modern Olympic games.
  31. And ... much much more.
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  1. Wikipedia hoaxes.

 This page is massive and contentious and it hasn't been uploaded to the web just yet. The above list is just a teaser of some of what will be revealed. 

Liability disclaimer statement: These Probaways contain new and unique information that has been created, tested and retested by me alone. You must approach these findings and materials very carefully as your results may differ greatly from my experience and I can offer no recompensation of any kind for any injuries.

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