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Scanner for Supermarket Checkout

This new and improved scanner system for supermarket checkout permits the customer to place his items on a conveyor belt with the coding marks, which are found on most products, aligned for an automatic scan. His product can then be automatically scanned in several ways 1. the standard UPC product code is scanned, 2. the weight is checked and 3. a camera checks the product size and shape and compares it to the UPC code scan for validation. After these automatic operations are performed the item is moved past the checkout clerk without his physically touching the object. Items without a UPC code or which fail to match the stored product item weight and apperance parameters are automatically shunted to the clerk for his human scanning and verification. The process should be accurate enough that the clerk would have to manually check only one item in ten and he could place his time and attention on more human tasks like greeting the customer and handling the monetary transactions. The bagging operations could be conducted by the customer if the items were sorted by weight, which could be done automatically. The clerk could process many more items per hour thus saving money and pleasing the customers with less time spent waiting in line.

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