PLUMB PUDDING searches the net for your key words, loads all of the found sites immediately and puts them where you can see them. You can drag and drop the good stuff from the active screen on the left directly into your own HTML page at the bottom right. From that page you can print a term paper or post a web site to the World Wide Web.

How to make your own web page or term paper.

A review of PLUMB PUDDING using screen shots.


After reading the basic instructions, seen in the upper left, you may increase the active working screen by grabbing the dashed grey bar and dragging it up.


Type your search words into the white box and click "GO". ... PLUMB PUDDING will search the web using the default search engine Alternate search engines are found under TOOLS - SEARCH ENGINES. In the following example the words Sir Francis Drake were typed into the white search window and "GO" clicked.


In a few moments your screen will appear similar to the one above and you may now drag and drop (Copy and Paste) anything from the big active window to the bottom plum colored windows.


In the example above the picture of Drake was dropped into the 1Plumb.htm window. Notice the picture of Drake is covered with a transparent grey film after it has been copied.


Text may also be highlighted and dropped into the plumb colored windows. In this example some text was dragged and dropped into 1Plumb.htm. Notice that in the active window the copied text is greyed out and in the thumbnail the previous material was pushed half way up the picture by the new material. You can now see what has been taken from the active screen and what has been added to the previous thumbnail.


Under VIEW - 6+1 THUMBNAILS you may see one thumbnail enlarged so you may see it better. The scroll bar scrolls through them.


Clicking VIEW - 2ACTIVE SCREENS gives the screen above which permits drag and drop across screens. This is useful when comparing two documents. Both documents may be Plumbs which permits careful refining of your final result.


Clicking VEIW - HTML permits viewing the source code for the document and modifying it when necessary.

In Conclusion

PLUMB PUDDING permits you to quickly perform all operations necessary to make a unique and useful document. It helps you to: find what you want, rate its relevance, refine your web search, order the quality of your findings, cut and paste relevant materials, reorganize the found materials, enter and refine your personal comments, refine and adjust the HTML code of found sources, track those sources, compare what you have with other materials, compare two near final versions you have created with each other and print it or post it to the web.

Some problems that PLUMB PUDDING eliminated.

The problem with the way other search engines get information from the web is that it is difficult to find and to keep what you really want. They search the web for your keywords and then present you with a difficult-to-decipher list of clickable web links. You are forced to click on one of these inadequate descriptions and then wait for the site to download. It is particularly annoying when the site is not available because even if you have a fast connection the various delays may add up to thirty seconds of waiting, after which you get nothing but an annoying message. Typically many of the found sites will have some material relevant to your quest, but even the best ones usually have a lot of irrelevant stuff too. Even after you do get web sites to display you must sift through mountains of junk and it is easy for you to become distracted and lose track of the "plums" which you do find. Also, even after you have found something you want, there is no way of easily putting it into a web-style document. PLUMB PUDDING solves all of those problems and many more.

Some uses for PLUMB PUDDING

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