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How to Accelerate the Healing of Cuts, Scratches and Abrasions.

© 2005 by Charles Scamahorn

First the Basic Clean-up of the Wound.

I have used and refined these techniques for healing cuts and abrasions over the last thirty years—it works well for me. Begin with a standard soap and water cleaning of the wound to remove as many germs and as much foreign material as possible. Next, to prevent any new germs from getting a foothold in it, paint a border of 2% tincture of iodine around the wound, about ¼ inch away from any injured tissue, being careful not to get any iodine on the wound. Not only does it hurt, but it kills the good organisms along with the bad ones. The goal here is to create a toxic cloud of iodine vapor above the surface of the wound, which will preferentially debilitate the nasty germs on and above the injured surface but not greatly annoy the infection fighting organisms just underneath the surface. Also dry out the germs on the surface of the injury. The best way to do this is with a 1200 watt hair dryer set on the high heat setting and blowing its stream of hot air directly onto the injury. Bring the surface temperature of the wound up to but just short of the pain level then remove the heat. The procedure so far is to dry out and otherwise debilitate the infectious germs on the surface of the wound or at least to weaken them to the point where the body’s defense mechanisms can more easily destroy them.

This is my New Finding.

The truly new and marvelous acceleration of the healing process is as follows: slowly warm the flesh of the injured zone to about 110°+ F. using the hair dryer or any other dry method such as a heat lamp. Do this for about 5+ minutes (5-20) so that the tissue will be warmed to a depth of ¼ + inch when finished. Then set the alarm clock or countdown timer for about 90 minutes (60-180). At the end of the 90 minutes rewarm the injured area to 110°+ F. for 5+ minutes—as before. That is very warm, almost hot but certainly not painful. After this warming process check to see if there is any iodine color around the wound or the sharp smell of iodine. If not then reapply a little bit near and around the wound. You may leave the injury exposed to the air if you are in an extremely clean environment but normally covering the injury with a sterile bandage (or paint on a thin layer of new skin) is best. Brush a little iodine on the outside surface of the bandage above the wound to prevent any germs from getting through the gauze to the injury. Be very careful not to stretch or bump the healing tissues for the first 24 hours. Repeat the 90 + minute warming/cooling cycle as often as possible for two days, after which time the injury should be healed enough to be ignored.

A Bit of Rationalization as to Cause and Effect.

The warming stimulates the curative process to turn on, possibly by stimulating the RNA to unwind more quickly than usual, and thus to function more quickly. Returning the injured area to the normal body temperature lets the RNA rewind and prepare itself for the next cycle. This winding and unwinding of the RNA is one way our bodies heal themselves but it takes time for them to do it. One hour between applications of heat is probably the shortest time that will work well and one and a half hours is better. Each cycle of this procedure helps a little bit, but because it is a living system there is an exponential growth effect and that is what eventually gives the fantastic results. This procedure may require ten or more cycles before the exponential effect becomes apparent but eventually it does. Thus, to make this procedure work in a spectacular way requires that you do it many times. However, even a few times will help.

Some of the Old Remedies Still Work Best.

After a few cycles, or when there is no longer any damp tissue for germs to attach themselves to, you may stop the iodine treatment. If an infection develops, which is unlikely if you start the procedure soon after the injury occurs, heat the inflamed tissue area until it is very warm to a greater depth than the inflammation for 15 minutes. Hot water and Epsom salts in a sink or basin is the traditional way to do this. It may be more easily done than with the hair dryer for these longer heatings. Do this treatment several times at 90 minute intervals. If the infection persists see your doctor immediately as deep infections can be very dangerous.

Watch-Out for Friendly Drug Dealers Bearing Gifts.

Antibiotics have, since the 1940’s, been very effective in subduing infections but the living organisms they have been designed to kill have been modifying themselves to be better able to survive their medicinal destruction and we humans may no longer depend upon antibiotics to save us. Furthermore, and this may be very important, if any antibiotic is used which is ineffective in destroying a hostile organism, you have warned the multitude of organisms in your body to put their antibiotic fighting mechanisms into operation. Once that has been done another antibiotic that formerly would have killed the toxic germ may no longer work. Therefore, an over the counter, broad spectrum topical antibiotic may be the worst possible thing to use on minor injuries. Not using an antibiotic is best until you are sure you are using one that will be effective. I write this knowing that they have been miraculously effective for the last half century and that new ones are continually being developed. Those drugs have kept us one step ahead of many diseases and they may continue to do so for many years. Even now a problem arises when a given drug fails to cure some specific infection, or even when it does, for it leaves the entire body exposed to other vastly more dangerous infections. Therefore, I believe, avoiding the use of antibiotics is best until they are prescribed by a competent doctor and then to be sure to take them exactly as prescribed. Inform your doctor of your concerns about using antibiotics. He may appreciate your caution.

Trying to Outsmart Darwinian Mutations. It's Tough.

An approach that is being considered by the medical research community is to use two new and effective antibiotic cures simultaneously to destroy infections. The advantage of that method is that the infections organism would have to make two correct adaptations or mutations simultaneously to survive. As mutations are very rare, for an organism to make two adaptive mutations simultaneously would be extremely unlikely.

Be Observant of What is Happening to your Body.

All medical treatments are toying with your most precious physical possession, your body, and therefore you should be very careful when doing anything that might harm it. Sometimes the simplest methods are best but no matter what you do to your body you should do it with well-considered care and caution.

Liability disclaimer statement: These Probaways contain new and unique information that has been created, tested and retested by me alone. You must approach these findings and materials very carefully as your results may differ greatly from my experience and I can offer no recompensation of any kind for any injuries.

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