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Gives you your personal ladder to Heaven.

© 2005 by Charles Scamahorn

The wisdom of the Holy Grail has come down to modern times in a distorted way because what it referred to was intended to be esoteric knowledge known only to the initiated monks and therefore intentionally hidden from the unworthy masses. Other well known examples of this intentional obfuscation by the medieval scholars are their seemingly silly conundrums, such as: “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” The answer is not,’three hundred and sixty—they misspelled angles’, but rather it was their quaint shorthand method for referring to a question which was a very serious one. Are angels physical beings or are they abstract thoughts? If they are physical beings, then no matter how small they might be there is a limit to how many will fit upon the head of a pin. However, if angels are abstract entities the answer is—any number whatsoever. Another similar conundrum is, “How many teeth does a horse have?” The uninitiated person would think that one would answer that question by simply asking which horse and then counting its teeth. But no, it was a scholar’s way of determining, in a farcical manner, if a man had read Aristotle. Aristotle was an excellent observer but his book had come down to the medieval times with a numerical error, which of course every scholar knew. So that question was their private little joke.

How the Monks Hid "The Holy Grail".

There is a similar intentional red-herring built into the myth of the Holy Grail which purports to the uninformed that it is the cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper. That may well be true too, but I believe the monks were secretly referring to a Holy “Ladder” to heaven. The word “grail” also meant ladder and that usage of the word is still with us in a somewhat altered form, in the words “grill” and “grid.” In the game of football, American style, the field is called a grid-iron and the markings on the field function rather like a ladder of accomplishment. I propose that the following grail is what was being referred to by the medieval monks under the guise of the alternate usage of the word. Their method of spiritual achievement is now made available to you today if you choose to remember to apply it.

You can Create your own Personal Heaven.

Begin your climb to heaven now by using this technique developed thousands of years ago and glimpsed in the Beatitudes of Jesus. You may begin now by climbing from your present heavenly ignorance up through various intermediate conditions to your own personally bliss-filled heaven. From the position of each personally chosen rung you can see more clearly how you may move on to your next personally chosen rung. Each of these steps is to be done with the conscious intention of creating the habits essential to existence at your next self-chosen level of development. Presented here is the open-secret method that was perfected by the ancient sages for making those changes. Do as they taught and you may someday soon be living in your own personal heaven.

THIS Is the Holy Grail and IT is the Ladder to Heaven!
  1. You have been fortunate as you have been living in a natural bliss since you were unaware that you had no power to achieve inner growth and thus to ascend into your own personal heaven.
  2. However, you are even more fortunate now, for you have been informed of your lack, and although you may feel grieved because of your previous losses you may also take comfort in the realization that you may, at last, be informed of the techniques for perfecting your inner-selves and reaching that goal.
  3. You are to be highly praised for acknowledging this lack; for in this condition, your quest for elevation may become rewarded with the knowledge of how to an attain all that is available in this world.
  4. You are fortunate as you will be raised by your own inner-selves. It is only by this quest that your inner-selves can ever approach perfection.
  5. You have proof you are succeeding in purifying your inner-selves when you are sufficiently advanced to spontaneously show mercy to another who has harmed you; this means you have acquired the inner consciousness necessary for this advancement and that you are therefore capable of granting mercy to your own injurious inner-aspects and thus to turn their power to the aid of your inner-selves’ ascension.
  6. You are extraordinarily fortunate when you have succeeded in purifying your inner-selves, for then you may see the ultimate good.
  7. Marvelous good fortune is yours when you are creating harmonious relations between contending forces for then your inner-selves are being energized with the greatest goodness. And
  8. The ultimate good fortune is yours when you are able to create goodness while being persecuted for these are acts demonstrating that the ultimate highness has been attained; these are the trials and the proofs of the perfected sages since time immemorial.

THIS is the Secret of the Ancient Sages.

This Holy Grail is an inner quest with the goal of helping your personal selves reach the highest perfection of goodness that is available to them. The essential thing you need to do is to get control of and perfect your habits for relating to your inner-selves. Without this skill your perfected self as a deliberate entity cannot come into existence but with it you can retrain your inner-selves to do whatever work is necessary. What most people call their self is nothing more than a plaything of historical circumstance but by using this method your inner-selves become yours. To gain control of and retrain your inner habitual selves is easy to say but difficult to remember to do. Briefly stated, “Treat others as you should treat yourselves.” You should treat them the way you should treat yourselves if you were behaving as they are. By taking control of those outer, visible and therefore controllable actions you create the invisible inner control over your own selves and by way of this method grow the right habits for your own inner control and its attainment of perfection. Thus, on every step of the Holy Grail, do those things intentionally to other people that if you did them to yourselves would result in the fulfillment of the current needs of your quest. In this way you may most benefit your own quest and at the same time the quest of all mankind. This is the key method of the great sages. And it is the only essential one because by using it you may acquire any of the others you may discover that you need.

Liability disclaimer statement: These Probaways contain new and unique information that has been created, tested and retested by me alone. You must approach these findings and materials very carefully as your results may differ greatly from my experience and I can offer no recompensation of any kind for any injuries.

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