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Cure The Common Cold Using Voluntary 102° F Fevers.

© 2005 by Charles Scamahorn

I have cured many of my common colds and have never failed to cure one in two days when I used the following technique... Well, we all know the standard joke about the flu, “If you simply ignore it, a typical flu will take as long as fourteen days to go away but if you treat it aggressively using all the medicines known to modern science you can get rid of one in as little as, two weeks.” I know my claim that the following simple procedure has cleared up my flus in two days is a bit outrageous. Nevertheless, it has worked repeatedly! So I am passing this discovery on to you in the hope that you will have similar results.
But First...It is Best to Totally Avoid Disease.

Your best line of defense against a flu or any other disease is to avoid the causal agents. The next is to stay reasonably clean and kill infectious germs in your personal environment. Also, get your flu shots and keep yourself in the best physical and mental health you can and avoid any behavior that gives destructive agents a chance to invade your body. Avoid prolonged contact with all toxic substances and with people who have an infectious disease and be careful to cleanse your face, hands and mouth after being exposed to them.

But...Sometimes, Try as you Might, You Are Exposed Anyway.

Sometimes those easy and obvious things are not enough and you discover that you have been exposed to some infectious germs. A method that seems to kill flu germs, if it is used within the first few hours, is to dry them out. For some time, before you develop any flu symptoms at all, the infectious germs are lying exposed on the moist surface of the skin inside your nose and throat, where they can still be killed by drying them out. An easy way to do this is to hold a 1200 watt hair dryer, set on high heat, about a foot from your face and inhale the stream of warm air. Inhale 10+ times through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Then inhale 10+ times through the mouth and exhale through the nose. Be careful to notice when the membranes inside your throat are dry. They need to be dry for only a few seconds. Be careful not to experience any burning pain as all that needs to be done is to get the germs dry. However, this method doesn’t kill those germs which have already entered the flesh of your body. So, if the flu has gone on to the point where you have symptoms such as chills, emotional depression, soreness in the eyes, nose and throat, etc. you should use my more aggressive spiking fevers technique.

Here is How to Cooperate With Your Body's Effort to Destroy the Flu.

[The following temperatures have been lowered a bit from Proba-95.] At the first sign that you are catching a flu, heat your whole body temperature up to a mild fever, 102.0° F, by any means readily available. Use an oral fever thermometer to get it right. Ideally this self-induced fever can be produced by immersing yourself in a bath of 103° F water for five minutes followed by raising the water temperature to 106° F for about ten minutes. After adjusting the bath to 106° F, which will feel a bit uncomfortable, just lie there deep in the water and soak in the heat and let the tub temperature drift back down to about 105° F, by the end of the ten minute period. You may have to reheat the water to keep it at 105°+. Use your thermometer to measure your mouth temperature and the bath temperature alternatively until your reach 102° F. After the ten minute heat soak get out and towel off. Then rest and perspire and let your body adjust to its natural temperature. These times and temperatures are based on a 180 pound man so if you are much different in size make adjustments. A smaller body will heat up faster so 105° F, times ten minutes might be better for a one hundred-pound person. Do not force anyone to do this procedure...especially children or people with known physical problems. This induced fever must be self adminstered. If before the time in the tub is up you start to feel nauseated dizzy or have unusual heart beats, get out immediately and cool down. In fact I recommend having a person close by monitoring the whole affair just in case you faint. You are sick, after all. After you get out of the bath, you should feel a bit warm for about an hour and then completely normal for the next six hours. Redo the bath as above once every eight hours for two days (or every 12 hours for 3 days)—that is a minimum of six hot baths. My experience with this procedure is that 50 hours after the first bath I have been totally cured of the feeling of flu. However, I do recommend taking a hot bath at least once a day for a few more days, as a precaution against a relapse. If, at the beginning of a flu, your body starts to develop a chill or fever on its own, take your hot bath then and try to adjust the cycle of your intentional fevers to its natural ones.

This is a Time NOT to use Aspirin.

By voluntarily creating the fever you help your body’s natural disease fighting abilities to mobilize for action before the disease has had the opportunity to firmly establish itself. By this theory the temporary suppression of fever symptoms of ordinary colds, by using drugs such as aspirin, is counterproductive. Because, while it lowers the fever, it also permits the flu to get established and to last much longer and lengthens the period in which you may infect others with your disease. However, since my fever theory is counter to the claims of a multibillion dollar drug industry, they will vociferously condemn my findings and my personal research methods. So be it—but it worked for me. Nevertheless, if anytime your temperature shoots up to a high fever on its own (103°+ F for adults), call your doctor at once and get your temperature below 103° F. Aspirin will probably do it. Temperatures much above 105° F can be life threatening. In 1919 some 20 million people died of a severe flu, and its very high fever.

The Sooner you Begin the Sooner you Will Be Cured.

While using these procedures you may carry on most normal light activities such as reading, watching TV, and normal sleeping but keep taking the time outs to spike a fever. Fifty hours or so from your first hot bath you should be feeling fine again and you should never have felt any serious annoyance. If you get started with these hot baths at the first onset of symptoms, you may escape all the suffering and there will be very little mucus to be thrown off by your body. The total quantity of mucus is a good measure of how much sickness you have endured. Using these methods to kill the germs has an additional benefit in that your body may learn to recognize them and give you an immunity to that specific flu for the rest of the flu season.

Keep the Flus Away by Giving coyies of these Probaways Away.

Using these techniques will be a slight inconvenience for two days, but isn’t that better than being sick for two weeks? How much in lost wages is being sick worth to you? How much is it worth to you not to have your friends and family in pain? Quite a lot I suppose. If you give everyone you know a copy of these instructions now, they also will be less likely to catch and suffer from a flu in the future. Besides that boon you yourself will be less likely to be exposed to the flus that they do not catch. Therefore, if you dislike sickness, it is to your benefit to give everyone you know a copy of this instruction sheet. These techniques have worked for me. I have no higher recommendation! I hope you and your friends will try them and find them beneficial as well.

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H5N1 Bird Flu Pandemic

8:30 PM 10/27/2005 - Some additional steps in preparation for the coming bird flu epidemic. If you haven't already done so, buy some Tamiflu! Have some on hand and take one at the very first symptom of the flu. As of this writing the H5N1 hasn't mutated into a human transmissible subspecies and almost all of the victims seem to have acquired the disease directly from infected birds. In its present form it kills half of the people who catch it but consider one proviso: these people have been given the very best of medical care. If a pandemic develops the medical establishment will be swamped and most victims will not receive any medical care whatsoever and an even higher percentage will die. How can that be?! If more than fifty percent of people die that would mean more than three billion people die!!! It is hoped that when H5N1 becomes transmissible directly from human to human it will become less virulent but that is only a hope. No one can tell. In 1918 the first wave of what was then called the Spanish flu was not nearly as deadly as the later waves. However, within a given wave the first victims were harder hit than those only a few weeks later so it seems best to avoid catching it as long as possible and that is why you want to have some Tamiflu readily available. Tamiflu may slow it down and hold it at bay for a while and it eases the symptoms if taken very early in the disease phase. Although it may seem a bit extreme now there are some other things that will help impede the onset of the flu once the local epidemic begins. For example: Physically avoid people as much as possible by purchasing groceries and stockpiling them with a month's supply. When you must go to the supermarket purchase in large quantites and use the self administered product scanning method. Don't touch anything in public that other people have touched recently, i.e. door handles, money and most importantly other people's hands. The moment you come home immediately wash your hands and face. Purchase some good quality face masks the 3M 8212 N95 Bird Flu Respirator - Box of 10 goes for about $25. Be prepared to wear them in public even in the face of ridicule. Another really cheap and easy problem to solve is touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands. Simply tie some strings between your waist belt and your wrists and adjust the length so that you can not touch your face with your hands. Most flu is probably caught not from the air directly but from your hands. At present it is out of your control but get H5N1 flu vaccinations immediately when they become available.

None of these procedures, even if followed carefully, will give 100% protection from the flu, but they will slow down its progression and ease its virulence. Also, there is the hot bath induced fever as discussed above but no way of knowing if it will help or hinder with the bird flu. If the induced fever stimulates the macrophages to work harder then it would be a good thing, but if the induced fever only stimulates pre-existing immune responses into action, then it will not work at all for people born after 1958 because there will not be any immune response to be stimulated as they will not have been exposed to this type of flu in their lifetimes. For older people there might be some residual five decade old resistance but no one knows. Old school teachers will have had the most exposure during their work life and will be good indicators of residual resistance.

The authorities say that the flu will strike, that it is inevitable, but they don't give a timetable. At the risk of being a doomsayer it would seem to be a near certainty that it will strike before ten years and even probable, more than fifty percent, that it will strike within the next couple of flu seasons. The reasoning goes like this. The bird flu must mix with other strains of pre-existing human transmissible flus to itself become highly transmissible to humans. The creation of this strain with the new transmissibility seems to occur when a person with an ordinary flu works with H5N1 infected birds and catches that bird flu directly from the birds. This person then has two flus simultaneously and the flu strains living within their body can exchange genetic material. Some of these new strains of flu, still within this person's body, contain the H5N1 virulence and the other previous human-flu's strain's ability to transmit directly from human to human. This new variety is going to be the serious and infectious one. If a new person contracts this new variety of bird flu directly from the first person the new epidemic may have begun. It might die out with that one person but if that person gives it to several others and those people to several others, the world wide pandemic will have begun and only heroic and immediate efforts will stop it from spreading. At this time the World Health Organization (WHO) says there have been about 120 confirmed human cases of H5N1. Most of these people probably did not have a pre-existing flu. During the winter flu season about one person in twenty will have a flu at any given time. If, and this is speculative, the same ratio holds then for those 120 people who had the bird flu, then about five of them may also have had a pre-existing normal flu. These very few people were the ones who were unwittingly putting the world at risk for a pandemic. My recommendation to WHO would be to get out the word to chicken farmers that if they are sick with a flu avoid their chickens for a few days. If they are really sick to stay home and avoid all people for two weeks. This may be impossible of course but the closer they can come to it the better the chance that they will not transmit it to others. If they transmit the flu to only one person and that person transmits it to only one person an epidemic will not develop. But, if each person goes out into public and transmits it to three people or more then a world wide pandemic will ensue.

As private citizens we might not be able to prevent the bird flu pandemic but we can increase our personal chances of surviving it and we can impede its deadly progress.

This Probaway Flu has been created and tested by me and it is free to be used by you. If you use it and you get the good results that I claim it will, please reward me for my efforts in creating, and distribuiting it with some universal parise, ie. money. A fair amount would be say one percent of what using this method has saved you it money and suffering. Send it to

Liability disclaimer statement: These Probaways contain new and unique information that has been created, tested and retested by me alone. You must approach these findings and materials very carefully as your results may differ greatly from my experience and I can offer no recompensation of any kind for any injuries.

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