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This web page is under construction at this time---as are thousands of others---but in addition to the usual trauma of web page construction I am going to upgrade my computer at this time. I am installing a new Pentium 75-200 mother-board and a new 1.2GB hard drive. So ... I will be off line for a while. Who knows how long? Maybe a day, maybe forever. I need to do this upgrade so the graphics can be worked up in a proper way.

So Long.........and I hope to be back very-very soon.

Charles Scamahorn


3:57 PM 7/23/96 I am again...The new mother-board is now in place and more or less working. The physical installation went ok...I did it about ten times...finally disgarding most of my daughter-boards. But then I couldn't get the CD-ROM to show up on the drives and realizing that it was a very old single speed I opted to replace it with a new 8 speed CD-ROM which hooked directly into the mother-board. Still it didn't work and neither did the mouse...soooo I took it to my Internet SIG (the Special Interest Group of PCC (PC Clubhouse)) at Prado (the local internet headquarters) where I hoped some of my comrades in computing could help out. Fortunately, Donna Nicole and Bill George came to my rescue and after an hour or so of their expert tinkering with both the hardware and the software, Windows 95 was installed and working. The next day I tried to get the ZIP external drive to go (that is where I had "safely" multiply copied my personal files) but after hours of frustration including a long wait on the ZIP headquarters phone line, without success, I decided to reinstall Netscape Navigator and try to find answers to my questions on the Internet. 4:11 PM 7/23/96

2:14 PM 8/7/96 Helloooo...Here I am again with tales of wonder and woe. After getting no help on line...I guess my queries went to the wrong places...I took my whole computer to the PC Clubhouse, Computer Hardware SIG in hopes that someone could get my ZIP drive to be 'seen' by my computer. Jan Fagerholm came to my rescue this time. It appears that because one of the little screws that hold the connectors together on the back of the computer was missing and as a solid connection wasn't being made no electricity was flowing in one of those tiny wires and so no there was no possibility for the computer to 'see' the external ZIP drive. When that screw was replaced and everything was thoroughly tightened the ZIP was recognized and things proceeded nicely. Or...maybe Jan did something a little differently when installing the software...I don't know...But, thanks to some help from the people at PC Clubhouse this web-page is being brought to you over the Internet. It is a strange world we live in! For lack of a horse-shoe nail the Nation was lost. In this case for lack of a very small screw this Probaway was impeded for two weeks. it goes.2:31 PM 8/7/96

---------------- Odours 'help spot dementia' Lemon, lilac and leather are three of 10 odours that can be used to tell whether a person is likely to develop dementia. A Columbia University team tested the odours on 150 people with minimal to mild cognitive impairment. Those who went on to develop Alzheimer's disease performed poorly in terms of identifying the 10 smells. The odours also included clove, smoke, menthol, pineapple, natural gas, soap and strawberry. Doctors have known for some time that smell is one of the first things to go when someone develops dementia. Although it is impossible to diagnose Alzheimer's disease with 100% certainty whilst a person is alive, memory tests, genetic tests and brain scans can give an idea of whether this form of dementia is likely. Early diagnosis is critical for patients and their families to receive the most beneficial treatment and medications. Dr Devanand, who led the research, said the test could help spot Alzheimer's sooner. He said:"Early diagnosis is critical for patients and their families to receive the most beneficial treatment and medications," he said. Professor Tim Jacob, an expert in smell at Cardiff University, said the smell test was a good idea, but it was essential that it was used in conjunction with other tests for Alzheimer's and backed by expert advice and support. "Smell can be affected by a great many things - if you have a cold, for example. Or before a meal, your sense is more acute than after a meal. In the US, you can buy a self-testing Alzheimer's kit based on smell, which I think is unethical and horrifying." ----------- home my life my life photo tour book a speech reading for right-wingers patriot links chat right-wing memory bank QUOTATIONS FROM CHAIRMAN ANN March 3, 2005, 2:48 PM ANN ON SCARBOROUGH TONIGHT, MARCH 3, MSNBC 10PM - CALLING THE KETTLE GAY March 3, 2005 It's been a tough year for Democrats. They lost the presidential election, their favorite news outlets have been abjectly humiliated, they had to sit through a smashingly successful election in Iraq, and most painfully, they had to endure unwarranted attacks on a cartoon sponge. So I understand liberals are upset. Let go, let God ... Oops I'm talking to liberals! Let go, let Spongebob ... Democrats tried working out their frustrations on blacks for a while, but someone I can't remember who, but it probably wasn't Sen. Robert Byrd must have finally told them it really wasn't helping to keep disparaging every single black person in a position of authority in this Republican administration. So now liberals are lashing out at the gays. Two weeks ago, The New York Times turned over half of its op-ed page to outing gays with some connection to Republicans. There is no principled or intellectual basis for these outings. Conservatives don't want gays to die; we just don't want to transform the Pentagon into the Office of Gay Studies. By contrast, liberals say: "We love gay people! Gay people are awesome! Being gay is awesome! Gay marriage is awesome! Gay cartoon characters are awesome! And if you don't agree with us, we'll punish you by telling everyone that you're gay!" In addition to an attack on a Web site reporter for supposedly operating a gay escort service and thereby cutting into the business of the Village Voice, another Times op-ed article the same day gratuitously outed the children of prominent conservatives. These are not public figures. No one knows who they are apart from their famous parents. I didn't even know most of these conservatives had children until the Times outed them. Liberals can't even cite their usual "hypocrisy" fig leaf to justify the public outings of conservatives' family members. No outsider can know what goes on inside a family, but according to the public version of one family matter being leered over by liberals, a prominent conservative threw his daughter out of the house when he found out she was gay. Stipulating for purposes of argument that that's the whole story which is absurd isn't that the opposite of hypocrisy? Wouldn't that be an example of someone sacrificing other values on the mantle of consistency? Outing relatives of conservatives is nothing but ruthless intimidation: Stop opposing our agenda or your kids will get it. This is a behavioral trope of all totalitarians: Force children to testify against their parents to gain control by fear. It's bad enough when liberals respond to a conservative argument by digging through the conservative's garbage cans; it's another thing entirely when they start digging through the garbage cans of the conservative's family members. (On behalf of conservatives everywhere, I say: Stay out of our gay relatives' cans.) Liberals use these people and then discard them. Has John Kerry had lunch with his pal Mary Cheney lately? What ever happened to Newt Gingrich's gay half-sister? Did she have any further insights to impart other than that she was gay? Already this year, the glorious story of one conservative's gay child has gotten 58 mentions on Lexis-Nexis, including seven shows on CNN (eight if you include "On the Record With Greta Van Susteren") and none on Fox News (unless you include "On the Record With Greta Van Susteren"). The 2004 Gay Conservative Offspring story got 29 mentions on Lexis-Nexis, including in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New York Daily News, The International Herald Tribune and five shows on CNN. (This story wasn't as much fun for liberals inasmuch as they were forced to mention that the conservative had adopted the troubled, mixed-race child at age 15, contradicting their earlier claims that the conservative was a racist.) There is not a single mention of this gay poster boy in the Lexis-Nexis archives since the last sadistic mention of him in an article from October 2004. Liberals ruin a family and then {{{[[[Bill Murray was my pal in 1969 and helped me with my photo business. It is doubly strange because Ron Pelosi, then SF Supervisor and uncle of Nancy Pelosi, Bill and I had a talk about watching the Columbus Day parade from my 360 Kerney Street second story window. Which didn't happen because I had sublet it to an archetect. Too bad, it would have been a breat meeting with all of these celebrities in one spot. ]]]}}} Meanwhile, William J. Murray, the son of prominent atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair - and the named plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that banned school prayer - came out as a Christian in 1980. There are only two mentions of it in the Lexis-Nexis archives: Facts on File and The Washington Post. The Lexis-Nexis library for 1980 may be smaller than it is today, but it has articles from major newspapers, which the New York Times was still considered in 1980. (There are, for example, two Times stories mentioning the rumor that Ronald Reagan dyed his hair in the Lexis-Nexis archives for 1980.) No mention of the son of America's most notorious atheist becoming a Christian. Two years later, Murray wrote a riveting book about his spiritual transformation from the sordid misery of atheism to Christianity, My Life Without God. There were only five articles mentioning the book on Lexis-Nexis: four wire services and one article in The Washington Post. None in the Times. Unlike the gay children of conservatives, who are used as liberal props and then dropped, Murray has remained in the news for decades as a powerful Christian spokesman. Perhaps this is because a spiritual journey from atheism to Christianity is of more intellectual interest than an announcement of one's sexual preference. It's just not as likely to be gloated over in purportedly serious news outlets like CNN or The New York Times. Let go, let Spongebob ... COPYRIGHT 2005 UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE 4520 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 64111; (816) 932-6600 ------------------- 10:20 12/15/2004

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