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A Thank You To My Friends For Their Help!

I wish a heartfelt thanks: to Ralph Raphael for his unwavering encouragement throughout my struggles and a second thanks to him for discovering the “Oath of a Freeman” as a possible hoax, which I believe it will prove to be; To Patrick Hunter for his perspicacious insights and suggestions on how to get on with these projects and a second thanks to him for Probaway—Script, which I had worked on for years but finally put into this finished form because of his urging; To Don Villa for his help with Probaway—Eden; To Ted Kaufman for his critique of the tone of the Probaway footer; To Isaac Maleh for his encouragement to finish them up. An extra special thanks to Debbie Ann Foster who in every conceivable way has helped me through these projects and without whom none of these Probaways would exist. Thanks to my steadfast friends who have endured hearing my repeated stumbling, tedious and sometimes erroneous explorations of these ideas. All of you are to be commended for giving me your attention, criticism and support. Thank you ... All!

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The information contained in these Probaways has been largely discovered by myself. It is therefore the experience of one person only and therefore it must be considered experimental! And I might add as some of it is extradornary I must suggest that you take it as experimental in the extreeme! You must exercize utmost caution in applying anything which is written or implied . As I have absolutly no control over what happens to the information contained here-in I must claim absolutly no responsibility for the effects good or ill which transpire from their application.

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Liability disclaimer statement: These Probaways contain new and unique information that has been created, tested and retested by me alone. You must approach these findings and materials very carefully as your results may differ greatly from my experience and I can offer no recompensation of any kind for any injuries.

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