Med Images

April, 1999

37 51 56.04 N 122 15 30.43 W

It's a nice afternoon to go to the Med.

Inside I find a typical scene with some UC co-eds studying.

Maybe there is some one I know at the back.

Occasionally we talk about religion and esoteric things.

But, at the front table is Don, one of my boon companions, a plumber with a degree in religion, and vast experience in South East Asia.

And Sara is there at the front table too. She has brought some photographs made with her, patent-pending, multi-dimensional "kaleidoscope"-like device. It creates new experiences out of ordinary reality.

Suddenly, there is a thunderstorm and we all run out to get a few tasty hailstone candies from heaven. Gabriel got first dibs.

Soon, the skies clear up and the songs go on. There is always something happening on Telegraph Avenue.

Some of the Med people like to Whoopi a bit with fancy duds.

. . _ . .

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