Probaway - Age-spots

I removed my age spots by freezing with them "Compound W".

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Several months ago I went to a dermatoligist for a routine checkup. My doctor said I was fine but I wanted some age spots removed and she grudgingly complied and removed two of them. It took about a minute. I paid my $15 co-pay and thought all was just fine. That is until I discovered the insurance cost was well over $400. Since ultimately we pay for that insurance cost this is in fact an out of pocket expense every bit as much as if it were paid directly. Quite frankly I was a bit miffed. We Americans are getting overcharged in so many ways for things that we can do ourselves. The method for removing them is as simple as picking at them with your fingernail but it removes them permanently and doesn't hurt nearly so much.

How to Freeze Off blemishes.

To do the following procedure for money would be practicing medicine without a license, assuming you don't have one, but you can do it to yourself without any problem.

The material I used was Compound W - Freeze Off ™ but there are other branded materials which may give similar results. It costs about $25 for a 2.4 fluid ounce (80 mL) can. The material is intended to freeze off warts and is not sanctioned for any other purpose, so quite frankly this is an experimental procedure and you are on your own. If you are not an intelligent, careful person STOP reading further and go do something else. However, my experience is that it was very easy to permanently remove small minor blemishes. The small can contains enough material to do as many as one hundred small ~2 mm x 2 mm surface blemishes. It is best to use these chemicals outdoors where there is plenty of fresh air. This procedure is for surface blemishes like age spots and not for pimples or boils. It is especially not for sores or anything under the surface or unknown as those should be looked at by a dermatologist. Also, you should be in good health, with a good resistance to disease before you attempt to do this. It is safer than tatooing because this procedure isn't puncturing the skin but there will be a scab for two weeks while the frozen tissue heals itself.

Insert the nozzel into its recever hole and then practice pressing the stem-tip to your skin blemish a few times to be sure there is easy access. It helps to put a small dot from a ball point pen 5 mm above the blemish as a guide for later when the stem-tip will be blocking your view of the blemish. Hold the bottle upright and depress the valve for two seconds then point the stem-tip down and place it exactly on the blemish with enough pressure to just depress the skin a tiny amount. Every five seconds lift the stem-tip 1 mm and puff it with a tiny bit of breath-air (1/4 of a second). There with be a layer of frost form right under the stem-tip, if it doesn't hold the can upright and depress the valve for two more seconds to get some more Freeze-Off fluid onto the tip and repete the procedure. Keeping the blemish frosted over for 15 seconds seems to be about right. That's it. Most of the time there is no pain at all but sometime there is as much as when pressing your finger nail into your palm for a few seconds. It takes about two days before the skin looks injured and then a scab forms which takes about two weeks to heal. I like to put some New Skin™ liquid bandage on the scab to make sure to keep out anything that might cause an infection. A month after the treatment that little bit of skin should look blemish free and smooth.

Be Carefull And Think Ahead.

  1. Have your doctor look at your skin blemishes and verify that none of them are potentially cancerous.
  2. If there is any possibility of problems have a dermatologist take care of them first.
  3. Only after you are told they are minor blemishes should you proceed.
  4. Purchase a can of Compound W, Freeze Off, or perhaps a similar low temperature wart removal product.
  5. Remove a single small blemish as described above.
  6. Wait two weeks until it heals, so you understand the total process.
  7. Remove a few small blemishes from a not very visible place to get some more experience.
  8. Proceede to remove a few more slightly larger ones and wait a few more weeks.
  9. Wait a couple of months to make sure that there is no unacceptable scaring.
  10. Once a year, say in November when you will be wearing long sleeve shirts, check for any new problems.

Liability disclaimer statement: These Probaways contain new and unique information that has been created, tested and retested by me alone. You must approach these findings and materials very carefully as your results may differ greatly from my experience and I can offer no recompensation of any kind for any injuries.

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